​​Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Fussy Babies

​​Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Fussy Babies

written by : MAKUKU - 30 Jun 2023

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Dealing with a fussy baby can be a challenge for parents. But fussy babies are common and natural in children. Sometimes a fussy little one in a public place really tests the patience of parents. Many factors can cause your little one to fuss. Here are tips and tricks for dealing with fussy babies according to Dr. Dave Anderson, Sp. A as a pediatrician at Siloam Hospital ASRI who shared through Instagram Live MAKUKU:

What factors cause children to be fussy easily, is one of them from the influence of the parents themselves?

First we have to know the meaning of fussiness itself. Fussiness is the condition of a child who cries easily because the child has difficulty in expressing his needs or desires. We as parents usually fail to identify why our children are fussy. The most common causes of fussiness are hunger, thirst, and boredom. Keep in mind that children in their growing years have a lot of energy so when their environment is no longer interesting, they can become bored and fussy. Children who are tired after activities or illness will also be easily fussy.

Is there a certain age range where the little one is in a fussy phase?

Actually there is no specific time or phase where children are more fussy. But usually fussy children occur at the age of 1-2 years. Because at this age the little one is not really able to express what they feel or communication is limited. Supposedly after the age of over two years to five years the child will be easier to communicate with and fussiness in children will decrease.

Is a fussy baby related to mental health?

Parents need to understand that fussiness is not a sign of a child's mental health disorder. But if the fussing of the child is not handled properly and appropriately and occurs continuously, the child can potentially experience anxiety.

As a parent, how do you respond when your child is fussy?

When your child is fussy, make sure the parents do not get emotional and are expected to be calm in dealing with children when they are fussy. That way, parents can more easily find out what is causing the child to fuss. After exploring the cause, parents can calm the fussy child. Do not let the child cry alone or parents are ignorant or silent. Invite your child to talk slowly and help them to express what they feel.

Is it okay or not to calm a fussy child by giving a gadget?

Giving a gadget to a fussy child may help the child to stop crying but it is a short-term solution and not recommended. Because giving gadgets to distract a fussy child can have a long impact. There are many good ways to distract your child such as giving a hug.

When is the right time for screen time?

Screen time or giving children gadgets can be done with the American Pediatric Association guidelines, that children under the age of 18 months are not allowed to see digital content. After 18 months and above, your little one can be given screen time for 1 hour but still under parental supervision. While children over five years old have no specific recommendations. Try to get your child to do physical activity for two hours at a time. Especially if the child does not have too much vocabulary, then screen time can worsen and inhibit the child's speech.

Is it true that children with diaper rash will be more fussy than usual?

Cases of diaper rash itself in children occur around 5%, one of the causes of diaper rash is the use of disposable baby diapers that are not appropriate. Starting from the uncomfortable diapers, your little one will feel disturbed. Coupled with the presence of diaper rash can certainly make your little one even more uncomfortable.

Tips for choosing diapers from the medical side so that your little one does not get a rash?

Make sure the material contained in the diaper is safe if it touches your child's skin. Thin diapers can make your little one more comfortable during activities, high absorbency, air circulation, soft material, good elasticity and protection against leaks should be considered when choosing diapers for your little one to avoid diaper rash.

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