Doctor-recommended diaper rash ointment

Doctor-recommended diaper rash ointment

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Although not a serious disease, diaper rash can make your little one cranky all day because of the pain and discomfort caused by diaper rash. To overcome diaper rash, moms and dads can try the right home treatments. For example, using diaper rash ointment is recommended by doctors.

Causes of Diaper Rash

Babies under the age of 1 year are prone to diaper rash. Because every day they use diapers. Not to mention, we as parents often forget to regularly change diapers every 3-4 hours. Plus, sensitive skin on your little one can also increase the risk of diaper rash.

In addition, the cause of diaper rash in your little one can also be caused by bacterial infections, diaper material allergies, inappropriate diaper sizes such as too loose or too narrow, lumpy diapers to changes in food types that usually attack children who are new to complementary foods.

Signs of Dangerous Diaper Rash

Pediatrician from KMNC Green Lake, Dr. Dewi Andini Putri, SpA, explains that diaper rash can actually heal on its own. With proper handling, within 3-5 days diaper rash has improved symptoms. The characteristics of diaper rash recovery are:

  1. The reddish rash on your child's skin begins to decrease
  2. The skin dries out
  3. No ulcers on the skin around the diaper rash
  4. Pain that is marked by the child's fussiness every diaper change is reduced

However, Dr. Dewi urges parents to pay more attention to the condition of their child's diaper rash that is accompanied by other symptoms. Danger signs of diaper rash in children include fever with a temperature above 38 degrees Celsius, bloody stools and signs of dehydration.

"Immediately consult a health worker. If diaper rash does not improve after 3-5 days with standard therapy or blisters or boils filled with pus appear on the skin, consult a doctor immediately," said Dr. Dewi.

Doctor's Recommended Diaper Rash Ointment

The right way to treat diaper rash is to overcome according to the cause. If it is due to moist skin, you should routinely change your child's diaper and change diapers with high absorption. choose the right size and keep the area covered by the diaper clean.

Dr. Dewi explained that severe diaper rash, with deep skin damage (sometimes until bleeding), should be cleaned with running water and given additional ointment by a doctor containing steroids. While diaper rash that has been infected by fungi or bacteria, can be given antifungal ointments or antibiotics according to a doctor's prescription.

If your child's diaper rash is still at a low level, Dr. Dewi suggests applying an ointment containing zinc oxide or petroleum. Other options are lanolin, paraffin, dimethicone on the diaper area as protection after every diaper change.

Here's an explanation of each ointment and its benefits:

Zinc oxide ointment

Ointments containing zinc oxide are believed to be effective in treating diaper rash, especially on the buttocks and groin of babies. Ointments containing zinc oxide help form the baby's outer skin defense layer to reduce the potential for foreign substances to cause irritation or rash.
It is best to use zinc oxide ointment as directed by a doctor or medical professional. So as to minimize the side effects of using this ointment. Moms can apply a thin layer of this ointment to their child's skin.

Petroleum jelly

If the irritation is still relatively mild, you can use petroleum jelly to help relieve your little one's diaper rash. The use of petroleum jelly can be an additional remedy for certain rash creams so that they do not stick and stick to the diaper.

Petroleum jelly can also be used as a follow-up treatment ointment to prevent diaper rash recurrence. According to a 2013 study in the Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing, the use of petroleum jelly can reduce the risk of diaper rash in the future.


Launching  from several sources, lanolin is a skin moisturizer to prevent and treat itchy, dry and rough irritated skin. The use of lanolin itself can be used by children to adults. Good for treating diaper rash in babies and chafed nipples in nursing mothers.

Lanolin works by forming an oil that prevents water in the outermost layer of skin from evaporating. Before applying lanolin, make sure to clean the baby's skin first. The use of lanolin to treat diaper rash is done every time you change the diaper. Lanolin is only used on the skin, but you should consult a doctor before using lanolin.


Many diaper rash creams nowadays contain paraffin. Paraffin is an ingredient commonly used in various skincare products, including ointments or creams used to treat diaper rash in babies. The paraffin content is useful for building a skin barrier against aggressive constituents of body waste. It also helps regenerate the skin and heal wounds caused by diaper rash.

Paraffin can form a protective layer over the baby's skin, helping to reduce direct contact with urine and feces which can cause further irritation. Paraffin may also aid in the healing process of diaper rash by helping to reduce inflammation and irritation, as well as speeding up the regeneration of damaged skin.


This ointment is commonly used as a moisturizer to treat dry, itchy, scaly skin, and minor skin irritations such as diaper rash to sunburn due to radiation treatment. There are emollient substances in dimethicone that can moisturize and soften the skin and relieve itching and flaking skin.

It works by forming an oil layer on the top of the skin and plays an important role in locking water in the skin. This emollient is also found in petrolatum, lanolin and mineral oil. This ointment also helps remove dead skin cells.

That's the row of ointment content to treat diaper rash in babies. moms and dads can consult in advance about the health condition of your little one's skin in order to get the right treatment. (Aq/MKK)





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