Makuku Launches 'Makuku Air Diapers', New Generation Diaper with SAP Core Structure

written by : Makuku Family - 10 Dec 2021

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According to research in the journal of midwifery by the Health Polytechnic of the Ministry of Health Semarang (Poltekkes Kemenkes Semarang) in November 2019, a problem that is often found on baby skin is diaper rash. This skin disorder usually attacks the baby's body covered by diapers, especially in the groin area. Answering the problems that exist in the community, Makuku, a premium children's equipment brand from Japan launched 'Makuku Air Diapers', the newest diaper product with various advantages in Jakarta (9/12).

CEO of Makuku Indonesia, Jason Lee, said, “Makuku, as a premium brand of children's equipment from Japan, really cares about the health of babies and children. We understand the concerns of many parents out there regarding skin problems in babies especially diaper rash. To answer this concern, Makuku launched Makuku Air Diapers with a new structure and formula, with various advantages, such as anti-clotting, dryness, thinness, and maximum capacity. The launch of Makuku Air Diapers is also a form of our commitment to improve the health of babies and children in Indonesia.

With the theme "Makuku - With You At Every Step", Makuku is also committed to always being there to accompany the steps of parents in nurturing and caring for their little ones with quality product innovations. tall. Because Makuku understands that the needs of parents and children in Indonesia are always evolving. As expressed by the CEO of Makuku, Jason Lee, Makuku will release other new products such as dairy products, wet wipes, car seats, clothes and other accessories.

 “Here we can see that the mother-daughter industry is full of warmth. If our hearts don't have warmth, maybe we can't do business here," said Jason Lee.


Makuku Product Manager, Novita Utomo explained the advantages of Makuku Air Diapers. Makuku Air Diapers as a pioneer of diapers with a core structure of SAP or Super Absorbent Polymer has three advantages First, anti-clotting, Makuku Air Diapers have a  SAP core structure so they don't clump when absorbing liquid. Second, super thin, Makuku Air Diapers have a structure that is up to 50% thinner than normal diapers. The thickness is only 1.6 mm and extra dry where the core structure of SAP is able to absorb liquid quickly and evenly so that the surface remains dry. Dry diapers effectively prevent the risk of rash or irritation on baby's skin.

"Makuku Air Diapers were developed through intensive research to prevent reverse osmosis, which is a condition where water that has been absorbed rises back to the surface. And Makuku Air Diapers can accommodate up to 600 ml of water and leaves no residual absorption. We design our products specifically to maximize the childhood experience for children across Indonesia. Prioritizing quality, Makuku Air Diapers are made from 100% SAP which will remain intact and not easy to clot. So, your little one can still be active and move comfortably without being bothered by lumps in the diaper." Novita said.

Also enlivening the event, the product launching of Makuku Air Diapers was attended by artists and moms influencers such as Audi Marissa, Syahnaz Sadiqah, Alice Norin, Cherly Juno, Nina Zatulini and Rensia Sanvira. They and other invited guests proved the sophistication of Makuku Air Diapers which are clot-resistant, super thin and extra dry by swinging or shaking the liquid-filled Makuku Air Diapers.


In addition, Makuku also provides a health consulting service, Makuku Private Consultation. For parents who want to consult, can register via, then the Makuku team will contact back via WhatsApp to confirm the date, time, and the doctor's specialization chosen. Finally, parents will connect with doctors and discuss via WhatsApp video calls. Talks will last up to 15 minutes for each patient and are available in four sessions each week. This Makuku Private Consultation service is supported by obstetricians and pediatricians.

On the same occasion, a celebrity, mother, and Makuku Indonesia Brand Ambassador, Chelsea Olivia shared her story as well as her hopes, “As a mother of two children, I agree with all the values ​​that Makuku wants to bring to society. All parents want to create a happy, healthy, warm and sweet childhood for their child. Therefore, I support Makuku who prioritizes the happiness and health of the little one. In addition, I also feel helped by the existence of this Makuku Private Consultation.


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