Cooperating with Chelsea Olivia as Brand Ambassador, Makuku Family Opens Outlets in Indonesia

written by : Makuku Family - 28 Jul 2021

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Makuku Indonesia CEO, Jason Lee (Right) poses with Mother-Daughter Consultant, Nurziamah, and the board of directors during the opening of the inaugural outlet.

Through the banner of PT Lucky Mom Indonesia, Makuku Family is here to meet the needs of millennial parents by opening outlets in Indonesia.

Store locations ready to be visited include Emporium Mall Pluit, North Jakarta, Greenville, West Jakarta, Harapan Indah Bekasi, Sitanala Tangerang, Setiabudi Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Purwokerto.

Makuku Family will open another outlet with a total of 200 outlets throughout Indonesia. This retail expansion focuses on providing products for the needs of parents, babies, and children.

This is a form of Makuku's commitment to become a close friend to parents in Indonesia and to provide quality products that meet the needs of their children.

The Makuku Family is well known in Japan as a children's clothing brand founded by Etsuko Kondo and James Wang.

A pioneering mother and child product brand from Japan, Makuku Family, opened its first outlet at Emporium Mall Pluit, Jakarta. (Doc. Makuku Family Indonesia)

This retail network was then brought to Indonesia and led by Jason Lee as CEO of Makuku Indonesia by Japanese standards. Jason Lee has previously succeeded in developing OPPO Indonesia.

“Emporium Mall is the first shopping center that was chosen as the prime location for Makuku Family outlets, and in the future I hope that Makuku Family can continue to provide the best products and services for all parents throughout Indonesia. Makuku Family is more than just a business, we want to be close friends and problem solvers for the problems of parents and children in Indonesian families," said Jason Lee in his official statement, Friday (16/7/2021).

Makuku is currently developing collaborations with several hospitals and Maternal and Child Health consultants to provide consumers with professional solutions to problems that occur.

Currently, several collaborations have been established with the best maternal and child hospitals in Jakarta, one of which is St. St. Hospital. Carolus Salemba.

Furthermore, the Makuku Family will still cooperate with several hospitals and several other consultants. The purpose of this collaboration is to provide the best solution for parents' problems.

A pioneering mother and child product brand from Japan, Makuku Family, opened its first outlet at Emporium Mall Pluit, Jakarta. (Doc. Makuku Family Indonesia)

“As a Mother and Baby Love Hospital, St. Carolus continues to be committed to providing good services for pregnant, childbirth, and breastfeeding mothers. We see that the Makuku Family has the same commitment as St. Hospital. Carolus, namely by providing information and knowledge about baby care," said Surya Rama, S.E as the Head of the Development and Marketing Bureau of the Carolus Salemba Hospital.

The collaboration between the Makuku Family and St. St. Hospital. Carolus Salemba includes collaborating in providing education about the health and care of mothers and babies through social media of both parties, such as IGTV or YouTube Channel.

In addition, articles from Makuku Family interviews with specialist doctors at Carolus Salemba Hospital were published on the Makuku Family and St. St. Hospital's websites. Carolus Salemba.

In collaboration with various specialist doctors from well-known hospitals in Indonesia, Makuku Family hopes to provide professional and trusted services for its consumers.

Makuku Family also chose Chelsea Olivia as Brand Ambassador because of her image as a public figure who inspires a lot and is suitable for describing the characteristics of the Makuku Family's target market, namely millennials.

“I am very excited to be able to represent the Makuku Family as their brand ambassador. For me it is an honor to be a part of them because I know their goal is to help millennial parents who still need guidance and support, which is definitely not only from the products but also from the experts,” said Chelsea excitedly.

So through Makuku, said Chelsea, millennial parents can consult with doctors and choose products that are suitable for their little ones.

"I think this is very important and there will definitely be many millennial parents who will be helped, especially during the current pandemic. And I hope that in the future Makuku can continue to help, support and always give the best for all parents in Indonesia," concluded Chelsea.

For the Indonesian market, Makuku Family is developing as a one-stop outlet for all the needs of parents, babies, and children.

Unmitigated, Makuku Family began to select products from all countries and choose the best products from each country for products for mothers and children, and work closely with these brands.

The goal is to provide the best products and quality for parents. These partners include Béaba from America, Pouch from Germany, Oz Farm from Australia, Inglesina from Italy, Mustela from France, Farlin from Taiwan, and B&B from South Korea.

Makuku Family also has a special membership program, where customers who join this membership get assistance and consultation from planning to baby care with a warm and professional companion.

Makuku Family is the pioneer of parent and baby outlets. Every Makuku Family store has a head store with a health education background, making it the right choice for parents to consult about products and education that are suitable for their little ones.

The Makuku Family also has four IPs (Icon Products) which are represented by cats. The IP names are Jason, Fiana, dr. white, and Lucky. The IP will collaborate with the cartoon icon from Japan, Doraemon.

This icon is also ready to color various products at the Makuku Family outlets. The Doraemon characters were chosen in the Makuku X Doraemon collaboration because the pictures are adorable for children and there is a nostalgic feel for young parents.

Currently, customers can also find products offered by the Makuku Family online at the Makuku Family Official Store on Lazada, Tokopedia, Shopee and Tik Tok.

During the implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) where Makuku Family outlets located in malls and shopping centers are temporarily not operating but can still serve online purchases.

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