Recognize the Unrecognized Signs of Pregnancy

Recognize the Unrecognized Signs of Pregnancy

written by : MAKUKU - 6 Dec 2022

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Nausea and vomiting are the two most common signs of pregnancy. When late menstruation and nausea and vomiting for no reason, women must immediately realize that they might be pregnant. But in fact, not all women experience the symptoms of morning sickness . Sometimes there are signs of pregnancy that you don't realize, even like your daily habits.

Pregnancy in the first trimester must be maintained properly because the fetus is still not very strong. So it's best to recognize the following signs that are sometimes not realized:

1. Bleeding from the Vagina

The first sign of pregnancy that is rarely noticed is blood coming out of the vagina. Some women think that the blood is a sign of menstruation. Though it could also be an early sign of pregnancy. 

Bloody discharge from the vagina in early pregnancy is known as implantation bleeding. The characteristic of the blood that comes out is that the color is slightly brownish or pink and the amount is very small. While menstrual blood is red, there are blood clots, and the volume is large.

2. Frequent urination

Women who are pregnant experience an increase in Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone in the early days of their pregnancy. This triggers an increase in urine production so that frequent urination. Apart from an increase in hormones, frequent urination in early pregnancy also occurs because the size of the uterus presses on the bladder.

3. Mood Swing

Mood swings or changes in mood are signs of pregnancy that are not realized later. When the pregnancy enters the age of 6 or 10 weeks, women will usually experience this one sign. Changes in the hormones estrogen and progesterone in the body trigger mood swings. The sign is feeling more sensitive than usual. 

4. Constipation

Very rarely do women realize that constipation or difficulty defecating is a sign of pregnancy, especially the first trimester. To overcome this problem, you must be diligent in eating vegetables and fruits that are high in fiber. For example spinach, apples, and bananas.

5. More Sensitive To Smell

Not only are their feelings sensitive, women who are pregnant are usually also more sensitive to smells. If you feel your sense of smell getting sharper, then try to get yourself checked. The rise in the hormone HCG or Human Gonadotropin Hormone also triggers a more sensitive sense of smell. However, if the gestational age increases, the sensitivity to smell will disappear.

6. Changes in Appetite

Pregnant women feel a considerable change in appetite. You will be more hungry than usual. Hormonal changes are also the trigger why a pregnant woman's appetite increases. Make sure to know the needs and the right portion of food for pregnant women.

7. Back Pain The

last sign that is often not realized is back pain. Even though the gestational age is still young, most women will feel pain in the back. Compressing using warm water is one solution to relieve pain.

Those are some signs of pregnancy that women don't realize . If your late menstruation is followed by the signs above, you should immediately get checked out. As a form of preparation for welcoming the birth of your baby, you can buy the best quality diapers that are effective in reducing diaper rash, namely MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim.

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