5 Months Pregnant, Know the Development and Good Position of the Fetus in the Womb

5 Months Pregnant, Know the Development and Good Position of the Fetus in the Womb

written by : MAKUKU - 16 Nov 2022

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Pregnancy is divided into 2 3 phases, namely the first, second and last trimesters. Each phase of pregnancy certainly has its own challenges. Entering the 5th month of pregnancy can be said to be the most comfortable period for pregnant women and the fetus in the womb. Because at the age of 5 months of pregnancy, pregnant women rarely experience morning sickness or nausea and vomiting. Pregnant women can adapt to the conditions of pregnancy and its changes.

The development of the baby in the womb from time to time needs attention. Starting from food intake to the physical fitness of pregnant women so that pregnancy goes as desired and optimal. So, for prospective parents, it doesn't hurt to know what are the developments in babies at the age of 5 months.

Fetal development 5 months

At 5 months old, the fetus in the womb is well developed and begins to feel what the mother feels. Babies in the womb can already start to be able to feel various sensations from the surrounding environment. While the physical development of a 5 month baby has started to grow eyebrows, eyelids, eyelashes, ears and head hair. This hair will fall out after two weeks after the baby is born.

At 5 months of gestation, the body length reaches approximately 25 cm. weight will range from 140-300 grams. The baby's muscles and bones will be denser and even the hands, feet, fingerprints and fingers will be well formed. Parts of the brain will also develop further and the nervous system begins to function little by little. Mom's tiny baby skin will be covered with a thick but soft layer called vernix. This vernix serves to protect the baby's skin which is still vulnerable from amniotic fluid.

Baby mom and dad in the womb can already make different facial expressions. Don't be surprised if the baby in the womb feels even more because your baby is able to turn and turn around in the stomach. But maybe the movement is not too extreme to be felt. Mom's baby can stretch his body, open his eyes even a little, suck his thumb, kick and move around.

At 5 months of gestation, Mom can also experience many changes. The growing 5-month-old fetus can start pressing on the diaphragm, which makes it difficult for Mom to breathe. An increasingly enlarged stomach can disrupt mom's balance, hormonal changes due to increased blood flow which can trigger bleeding gums.

Pregnant women will also feel more frequent urination because the growing uterus puts more pressure on the bladder. Other complaints can occur in the form of leg cramps and back pain which can have an impact on the quality of sleep for pregnant women. If the quality of sleep for pregnant women is disturbed, it can affect the health of themselves and their babies. A growing belly also sometimes makes sleeping uncomfortable. A safe and comfortable sleeping position for 5 months pregnant women according to the doctor's recommendations is the left side position, the side position with the legs higher and slightly leaning back.

The location of the head of the fetus at 5 months old

Every day the fetus in the womb can still change its position. The size of the fetus that is not too big allows the fetus to move freely. When you are 5 months pregnant, the fetus in the womb is getting more active. So, it could be that when Mom does a routine ultrasound examination the location of the baby's head 5 months in the womb is below.

During pregnancy, there are three positions for the fetus in the womb, namely:

  • Anterior: where the baby's head is pointing downwards with the face of the fetus facing the mother's spine. It should be noted that this position is an ideal and profitable position for pregnant women and can expedite the delivery process.
  • Posterior: the position of the fetal head downwards with the baby's face facing the pregnant woman's stomach. Babies with a posterior position still have a chance to be born normally or pervigam. However, this posterior position can make labor last longer.
  • Transverse: The position of the baby's feet and head is on the right and left of the pregnant woman's stomach, not the head is close to the cervix or close to the heart. This transverse position is not dangerous but has a high risk of getting the baby stuck in the birth canal.
  • Breech: the position of the baby's buttocks facing the birth canal and the head is above. With the position of the fetus like this in normal delivery there is a risk that the baby's body will not open the cavity and cervix large enough for the birth canal.

Usually the position of the fetal head will be below at 30-37 weeks of gestation. Mom doesn't need to worry, because the position of the fetus can still change until 37 weeks of age. But keep in mind that the bigger the baby, the less room to move. For this reason, always consult a doctor about complaints during pregnancy, the development of the fetus in the womb and the position of the fetus nearing its birth day. 

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