Childbirth with minimal trauma: Comfortable and Safe Delivery

Childbirth with minimal trauma: Comfortable and Safe Delivery

written by : MAKUKU - 27 Jun 2022

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Waiting for the arrival of your baby is a thrilling moment, especially if you are giving birth for the first time. Usually the thought of giving birth is very painful, frightening and traumatizing. So that not a few mothers before giving birth plan the delivery process according to their wishes. Although pregnant women can choose to give birth by Caesarean section, it turns out that most pregnant women expect a normal delivery process that is minimally traumatized, comfortable and safe.

Giving birth with minimal trauma with a comfortable and safe delivery is identical to giving birth normally. This method is much coveted by mothers-to-be because it is considered more suitable for the heart because it reduces the risk of anesthesia, surgery and a faster recovery process than the caesarean delivery process. In addition, many benefits from the process of giving birth normally.

If the pregnancy is healthy and there are no complications for the health of the pregnant woman and the fetus, it is highly recommended to give birth vaginally or normally. The benefits of normal delivery include that babies born will receive beneficial bacteria from the birth canal. The fluid in the baby's lungs will be helped out, the recovery time is faster, avoiding the risk of major surgery, and making it easier to stimulate lactation. And tend to avoid complications in subsequent pregnancies. From a financial point of view, it is also cheaper and more affordable.

According to the Midwife Novelita Damanik, Am.Keb or familiarly called the Novel Midwife, what needs to be done before giving birth is to fulfill the nutrition of the mother and baby. Because according to him, childbirth requires a lot of energy. Fulfill these nutrients by consuming fruits, vegetables and vitamins. Likewise with rest time during pregnancy.

“Fruits, vegetables and vitamins are needed as well as REST. The two must be in balance,” explained the Novel Midwife in MAKUKU's Kulwap with Orami with the theme Childbirth with Minimal Trauma: Comfortable and Safe Delivery, on Wednesday 22 June 2022.

Novel's midwife also advised pregnant women to be diligent in walking in the morning and squatting. the two activities, he continued, are an effort to help the baby's head descend through the pelvis and regulate breathing. So that the chances of giving birth normally are greater. "When we routinely walk in the morning, the baby's head will lower as the pelvic bones move and follow the force of gravity as well as squatting, but the squatting movement makes pelvis wider so that the baby's head enters the pelvis."

In addition to preparing, preparation for childbirth also includes everything. Here are some points that must be listed as a guide so that mom and dad are not overwhelmed:

  • Personal data of mom and husband. Examples are Maternal and Child Health Books (KIA), ID cards, family cards, BPJS cards, insurance cards, marriage certificates and documents related to payments. The maternity bag contains items.
  • The delivery bag contains items that make the mother feel comfortable such as the mother's favorite massage oil, pillows, waterproof seat mats and so on.
  • Means of transportation. Use a means of transportation that is comfortable and safe for mothers who will give birth such as a car.
  • Support system or birth attendant. Invite a companion who you can trust to accompany during the delivery process, such as the mother of the mother who is giving birth or the husband.
  • Prepare comfortable equipment for your little one by choosing soft and highly absorbent diapers.

The Most Comfortable Baby Diapers Recommended by Experts

choice of diapers that mom and dad drop may be right for your little one or even have a bad impact on your little one's skin. Especially on newborn skin or newborns whose skin is still sensitive. To prevent skin problems in babies such as allergies or diaper rash, experts recommend diapers with high absorbency, absorption evenly and able to keep the surface of the diaper dry.

All these advantages are owned by the MAKUKU Air Diapers diaper variant, namely MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim and MAKUKU Air Diapers Comfort. Another advantage of this MAKUKU diaper is that it uses a new technology for the core structure of SAP or Super Absorbent Polymer. So that MAKUKU diapers are anti-clot, super thin and extra dry.

MAKUKU Air Air Diapers Slim and MAKUKU Air Diapers Comfort can be obtained at offline stores Transmart, Diamond, Food Hall, Market City, Raja Susu, AEON and MAKUKU Family Store. And at Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, BliBli and MAKUKU Official Store. For moms and dads who want to know more about MAKUKU diapers and other interesting promos, don't forget to follow @MAKUKU.Indonesia.Official and visit (Aq/MKK)















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