MAKUKU Posyandu Activity with the Ministry of Health: Encourage Mothers to Take Care of Baby's Skin Health

MAKUKU Together with the Ministry of Health Invites Posyandu Mothers to Take Care of Baby's Skin Health

written by : MAKUKU - 9 Nov 2023

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Skin is the outermost organ of the human body. Maintaining healthy skin is very important, especially for babies. Because baby's skin is still very sensitive and soft unlike adult skin. However, not all parents are aware of the importance of maintaining healthy skin from an early age. For this reason, MAKUKU together with the Ministry of Health and professional midwives invited posyandu mothers to start paying extra attention to their little one's skin at Posyandu Durian in Botanica Cluster Bekasi on November 09, 2023.

In the posyandu activity with the theme "Soft MAKUKU, make my child comfortable" this visit was the third time MAKUKU conducted education about skin health at the posyandu. Moms and dads, your little one's physical health can actually be seen from the health of their skin. Because the skin can describe dangerous conditions in babies. The health of your little one's skin also greatly affects their growth and development. So, don't be fooled by the condition of your little one's skin still changing in the adjustment stage.

Influence of Toddler Skin Health and Growth and Development

According to Dr. Ario Baskoro, maintaining healthy skin is the first step in optimizing your child's growth and development. With healthy skin conditions, there will be no obstacles to the movement and stimulation process of your little one. In addition, it can also support your little one to get good quality sleep.

"Maintaining toddler skin health is the first step in optimizing children's growth and development because they will avoid skin diseases that can hinder movement, reduce mood in feeding, can interfere with the process of early developmental stimulation, and can interfere with sleep," explained Dr. Ario Baskoro, MSc (IHM).

Babies need comfortable diapers that effectively reduce skin irritation

Related to educating the risk of skin problems in your little one, in fact, baby's skin is still vulnerable to skin problems. Among them are dry skin, redness, scaling, itching to irritation. So that babies are easily fussy due to discomfort during activities.

Moms and dads are required to always pay attention to the cleanliness and health of your little one's skin. moms need to choose products for children that meet the needs and quality of course. One of them is soft diapers that have good absorption and are not moist. Dr. Ario said diapers with good absorption and no moisture can help reduce the risk of direct skin contact with urine or feces.

MAKUKU Dry Care is an economical quality diaper. Made from SAP + Pulp technology core material, MAKUKU Dry Care has the following advantages:

  1. Fluffy diapers that reduce friction with your little one's skin.
  2. Able to absorb day and night so that the diaper is dry throughout the day.
  3. Highly absorbent and suppresses moisture in the diaper.
  4. Has 3 layers of air circulation to reduce stuffiness and heat when wearing diapers.
  5. Elastic waist design that can follow the shape of your child's body and make your child move freely.

MAKUKU Dry Care comes in two types: adhesive diapers and pants diapers. The adhesive diapers are available in NB-S size for baby weight 3-8 kg. While the pants diaper sizes start from M, L, XL and XXL with weight ranging from 6-25 kg. MAKUKU Dry Care also comes in several packages, ranging from regular to bulk packaging that can be easily purchased at the nearest stall. (Aq/MKK)







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