7 Correct and Comfortable Newborn Breastfeeding Positions

7 Correct and Comfortable Newborn Breastfeeding Positions

written by : MAKUKU - 15 Feb 2023

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Breast milk is the only intake needed and most important for babies during the first 6 months of life. Breast milk contains the most ideal nutrients to support optimal health, growth and development of babies. In breastfeeding, make sure the position of breastfeeding the newborn is correct so that the baby is more comfortable. In the following, we will discuss the 7 correct positions for breastfeeding newborns as recommended by a lactation consultation doctor.

According to the lactation consultant doctor, dr. Sarah Audia H, IBCLC from Kosambi Maternal and Children Center (KMNC), breastfeeding babies is their activity in fulfilling basic needs as human beings, namely care-giving. Hone as emotional stimulation in interaction, compassion as mother and baby bonding and foster care to supplement the nutrients needed to support growth and development.

In addition, breastfeeding provides benefits including helping bonding and development, helping to delay new pregnancies. As well as protecting the mother's health including preventing bleeding, reducing the risk of cervical cancer and breast cancer, to make the mother's body slim quickly. While the benefits of breast milk for babies are complete nutritional substances, easily digested, absorbed efficiently and protect against infection.

For this reason, nursing mothers must know how to position breastfeeding which greatly influences the smooth process of breastfeeding newborns:

1. Cradle hold breastfeeding position

The position of breastfeeding by holding is the most commonly used by nursing mothers. This is because the position of breastfeeding the baby is quite flexible and can be done anywhere, both at home and in public places. However, this method of breastfeeding in the cradle hold position is more comfortable for experienced mothers. Because for new mothers who have difficulty holding the baby, it will be difficult to find a good position to attach the baby's mouth to the mother's nipple.

How to apply the correct cradle hold position is:

  • Position the baby's nose in front of the mother's nipple.
  • The baby's head should be tilted slightly back so that it can breathe and swallow while feeding.
  • Use one hand to hold the baby and the other hand to guide the breast to the baby's mouth.
  • Do not push the baby's head to bring it closer to the nipple.

Pushing the baby's head to the breast can make it difficult for the baby to breathe because the baby's nose is blocked and the mother cannot see the baby's face properly. So, you could say the cradle hold breastfeeding position is suitable for older babies who have learned to breastfeed before.

2. Cross cradle hold breastfeeding position

This breastfeeding position is almost the same as the cradle hold position. The difference is that Mom supports the baby's head with the palm of her hand and one hand remains to direct the breast. The cross cradle hold breastfeeding position is also considered the easiest position to do. How to do the cross cradle hold position as follows:

  • Sit in a comfortable position and lean back.
  • Hold the baby and support the baby's head with one hand. For example, supporting the baby's head with the right hand and then the left hand directs the breast to the baby's mouth.

3. Breastfeeding position lying on your side

Breastfeeding positions most comfortable and easy to practice. This lying on your side position is done by lying on a bed or mattress with the baby. This breastfeeding position is usually used at night while the mother is resting. Here's how to apply the side lying position:

  • Lie on your side to the right or left facing the baby.
  • Point the baby towards Mom's body.
  • In order for the baby's mouth to get closer to the nipple, you can push the baby's back a little.

4. Football holds a breastfeeding position

For moms who give birth by cesarean section, they can rely on the football hold breastfeeding position or supporting the baby's head. This position can also be used for moms who have babies with small weights, twins, or large breast conditions. The method is as follows:

 Place the baby between the mom's elbows.
Mom can use her right hand to support the baby's head when she is breastfeeding with the right breast and vice versa.
Point the baby's mouth to the breast.

5. The laid-back breastfeeding position

This laid-back breastfeeding position is one of the most relaxed and commonly used breastfeeding positions for newborns. This position is done by placing the baby on the mother's chest or stomach after it is born or like early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD). How to do this breastfeeding position as follows:

  • Rest your back with a pillow, you can also straighten your legs so that you are more relaxed.
  • Position the baby's stomach under the chest and position the head in line with the breast.
  • Make sure the baby's nose is not covered and his neck is not looking up.

6. Rugby hold nursing position

This breastfeeding position is suitable for use by mothers who give birth normally or caesarean. Because this rugby hold breastfeeding position will not put pressure on the scar area. For moms who have twins can also use this position to breastfeed simultaneously. Let's see how as follows:

Get into a sitting position with pillows behind your back or along your sides.
Position the baby on the forearm and hold it between the hips of mom and baby.
The baby's neck can be placed in the mother's arm gently with the baby's legs straight to the mother's back and his face facing mom.
Make sure the baby can breathe and is not covered.

7. Saddle hold breastfeeding position

For moms who prefer breastfeeding their little one in a sitting position, moms can try the saddle hold breastfeeding position. This breastfeeding position is perfect for babies who have a cold or earache, do the following:

  • The position of the breastfeeding mother is in a comfortable sitting state.
  • The position of the baby sitting facing mom with legs straddling mom's body.

So, those are various breastfeeding positions that you can use and choose the one that is most comfortable for you and your baby. Try breastfeeding in different positions to make it more comfortable for both mother and baby. With the right position, the baby can breastfeed calmly and full and fall asleep soundly. Mom also doesn't need to experience pain and swelling in the breasts due to breasts that don't empty during breastfeeding and wrong attachment.

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