MAKUKU Indonesia

Is a mother and child brand that presents premium quality products. MAKUKU provides high quality products that are designed based on special research to answer all the problems of mothers and children and support the growth and development of children in Indonesia.

MAKUKU Indonesia Founded in Jakarta by Jason Lee

Jason Lee is the Vice President of Oppo Indonesia. Later, the company acquired MAKUKU and committed to providing innovative designs and excellent solutions for young Indonesian families.

MAKUKU Indonesia Present Since 2021

MAKUKU Indonesia has been here for Indonesian families since May 11, 2021. MAKUKU as a mother and child consultant cares for parents and is committed to continuing to provide quality products that support the growth and development of your little one. Now, MAKUKU has two superior products, namely MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim and MAKUKU Air Diapers Comfort. These two variants of MAKUKU Air Diapers are the best diapers for baby's skin and reduce the risk of skin rashes. In addition, MAKUKU also has a children's fashion brand that collaborates exclusively with DORAEMON. This children's fashion product is low in fluorescent and bleach. In the future, MAKUKU will continue to innovate by presenting other quality products in the baby care and feminine care categories such as sanitary napkins and tissues.