MAKUKU Dry Care, Soft and Absorbent Diapers

MAKUKU Dry Care, Soft and Absorbent Diapers

written by : MAKUKU - 30 Sep 2023

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A baby's needs must be taken care of from birth and are highly dependent on the care provided by the parents. Not only affection, but also the need for nutrition, hygiene and health care, safety, comfort, proper clothing and adequate sleep. Every baby needs proper care, including the use of diapers in the early period of their lives.

Providing the right baby diapers from birth, it means that parents support the baby's growth and development properly. Every baby has different needs, which is why it is important for parents to respond sensitively to their little one's signals and needs.

Realizing the varied needs of baby diapers, MAKUKU presents MAKUKU Dry Care as a cheap diaper option that is soft and absorbs more liquid.  MAKUKU Dry Care is also an economical version of diapers that can be purchased at the nearest stalls. The availability of MAKUKU Dry Care closer to consumers is part of MAKUKU's commitment to provide easier access to everyone.

MAKUKU Dry Care is the best choice of diapers for families who prioritize quality, comfort and affordability. MAKUKU believes that all babies and toddlers in Indonesia deserve the best care with quality products without worrying about budget or price.

Advantages of MAKUKU Dry Care that You Need to Know

Although MAKUKU Dry Care is a budget diaper variant, this new product has passed a series of tests to ensure safety and high quality. So, moms and dads don't need to worry and doubt anymore because MAKUKU Dry Care is made with high standards to support baby's comfort and protection. Here are the advantages of MAKUKU Dry Care:

Soft diapers

MAKUKU Dry Care is made from a very soft layer of fabric, just like the touch of a mother's love. It enhances baby's comfort while moving and doing activities during the day and sleeping well at night. 

Dry diapers all day long

MAKUKU Dry Care is suitable for babies who are actively moving. MAKUKU Dry Care makes moms and dads baby activities comfortable all day and sleep well all night.

Absorbing day & night

MAKUKU Dry Care uses a combination of pulp and SAP so that it can absorb more liquid throughout the day and night.

Highly absorbent diapers

Humid environment can cause diaper rash for baby moms and dads. MAKUKU Dry Care has high absorbency that keeps the surface of the diaper dry longer. Thus helping to reduce the incidence of diaper rash due to moist diapers.

Has 3 layers of air circulation

This new diaper variant features 3 layers of air circulation that can remove moist air after urine soaks the surface of the diaper. As well as opening the way for fresh air to enter and reduce heat, making baby's skin not moist and stuffy.

Elastic waist design

This diaper is designed to follow the baby's body shape with a super elastic waistband. Make the baby comfortable to move and reduce redness on the baby's waist.

Long diaper surface

The surface length of MAKUKU Dry Care baby diapers is longer than other diapers. MAKUKU Dry Care has a longer surface area, this certainly makes the area of urine spread and absorption much wider. And, it effectively reduces leakage at the front and back.

Complete diaper sizes

MAKUKU Dry Care comes in two types: adhesive diapers and pants diapers. Adhesive diapers are available in NB-S size for baby weight 3-8 kg. While the pant diaper sizes range from M, L, XL and XXL with weight ranging from 6-25 kg.

In addition to bulk packaging, MAKUKU Dry Care also has regular sizes like other variants. All MAKUKU diaper variants can now be purchased offline and online. (Aq/MKK)





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