Another New Product, MAKUKU Dry Care is Cheaper and Can Be Bought at Nearby Stalls

Another New Product, MAKUKU Dry Care is Cheaper and Can Be Bought at Nearby Stalls

written by : MAKUKU - 15 Sep 2023

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Affordable price and good quality are two very important things for families when choosing products for their babies. MAKUKU is back with a new diaper that brings these two aspects together, MAKUKU Dry Care. A new diaper that is cheaper but still maintain its quality. Even MAKUKU Dry Care diapers can be purchased at the nearest stalls.

MAKUKU understands how important it is to have affordable and high quality options when moms and dads are taking care of their little ones. That's why MAKUKU never stops creating diaper products that meet the needs of moms and dads without draining the wallet.

Why should you choose MAKUKU Dry Care?

Although MAKUKU Dry Care is a budget diaper variant, this new product has passed a series of tests to ensure safety and high quality. So, moms and dads don't need to worry and doubt anymore because MAKUKU Dry Care is made with high standards to support baby's comfort and protection.

Here are the advantages of MAKUKU Dry Care that you must know:

Soft, Comfortable All Day

MAKUKU Dry Care is made from a very soft layer of fabric, just like a mother's loving touch. This super comfortable softness can increase baby's comfort when moving and doing activities during the day and sleeping well at night. The softness of MAKUKU Dry Care baby diapers can also reduce contact and friction between the skin and diapers. So the risk of irritation and diaper rash on your little one can be reduced.

3 Layers of Air Circulation

MAKUKU Dry Care is an economical diaper that is equipped with 3 layers of air circulation in the top layer, absorbent layer and bottom layer. Please note that air circulation in baby diapers plays an important role. The function of air circulation in baby diapers is to remove moist air after urine soaks the surface of the diaper. It also allows fresh air to enter for circulation. So as to reduce the heat, stuffy, sultry, moist skin and diaper rash.

Elastic Waist Design

MAKUKU Dry Care has the added advantage of elastic waist. This feature is designed to adjust the baby's body shape so that it is comfortable when used. Elastic waist on MAKUKU Dry Care waistband also provides a comfortable feeling on baby's waist. As well as reducing redness marks on the waist.

Long diaper surface

The surface length of MAKUKU Dry Care baby diapers is longer than other diapers. MAKUKU Dry Care has a longer surface area, this certainly makes the area of urine spread and absorption much wider. And, it effectively reduces leakage at the front and back.

Complete diaper sizes

MAKUKU Dry Care comes in two types: adhesive diapers and pants diapers. Adhesive diapers are available in NB-S size for baby weight 3-8 kg. While the pant diaper sizes start from M, L, XL and XXL with weight ranging from 6-25 kg.

MAKUKU Dry Care is available at nearby stalls

One of the great advantages of this new MAKUKU diaper variant is its availability. Moms and dads don't have to look far or go to big shopping malls to get these baby diapers. Apart from being available in regular packaging, MAKUKU Dry Care can also be purchased easily at the nearest stalls because it comes in bulk packaging. This is part of MAKUKU's commitment to provide easier access to everyone.

MAKUKU Dry Care is the best choice of diapers for families who prioritize quality, comfort and affordability. MAKUKU believes that all babies and toddlers in Indonesia deserve the best care with quality products without worrying about budget or price.

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