4 Months Baby Development Guide Mothers Need to Know!

A 4-Month Baby Development Guide That Mothers Need To Know!

written by : MAKUKU - 25 Oct 2022

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4 months is the age of a baby who looks cute. Moms can definitely see there are so many things that happen to the development of a 4-month baby. The reason is, at this age the motor skills of the little one develop very rapidly. 

Curious to know what developments are taking place? Come on, see the full explanation below: 

1. Development of Motor Ability 

First, we will discuss his motor development first. One example is the ability to lift the baby's head parallel to the body and use the hands as support. 

The baby's hands and feet will be freer to move. In addition, they have also begun to be able to express themselves by moving their bodies, such as lifting and sucking their toes. 

When moms try to lift their little ones to stand up, they can set their feet even though they can't stand on their own yet. They can even duck because of their strong spine. 

Your little one's eyesight is also getting better at the age of 4 this month. Their eyes can also follow objects that move from one place to another. 

2. Development of Speech Skills 

At the age of 4 months, your little one is already trying to communicate with his environment. Sometimes they even look like they are inviting their parents to chat. 

At this age, your little one is able to pay attention to the movement of the mother's lips or the person who is talking to him, then the little one will also try to imitate it. 

Babies who are already 4 months old also often chatter away calling "mama" or "papa" even though they are still stammering. 

The task of parents here is to develop the child's ability to speak as often as possible. One way is to invite them to talk and ask them to say simple words such as “mama” or “papa”. 

3. Physical Development of the Little One 

In addition to motor development, at the age of 4 months, your little one also experiences significant physical development. Their weight will increase at least 0.5 kg from their body weight at 3 months of age. 

The following is the average size of a baby who has entered the age of 4 months: 

  • Baby boy weight: 5.6 to 8.6 kilograms.
  • Baby girl weight: 5.1 to 8.1 kilograms.
  • If your child's weight is less than the ideal weight that we have listed above, then immediately consult a pediatrician. The goal is that moms can get the right advice so that their little one's growth and development run optimally. 

4. Child Sensitivity at 4 Months 

At the age of 4 months, generally, your child is still getting breast milk because he is still at the age of mandatory exclusive breastfeeding until he is 6 months old. After the age of 6 months, your little one can only be given MPASI (Supplementary Foods for ASI) while continuing to breastfeed your little one until he is 7 months old. 

At the time of breastfeeding, your little one who is 4 months old generally has a high level of sensitivity. Your little one will be sensitive to disturbances, for example, the voice of his brother, father, TV, and others. So that the breastfeeding process sometimes becomes disrupted. 

To minimize these disturbances, moms can invite their little ones to breastfeed in a quiet and dim place. That way, your little one does not experience disturbances around him. 

That's the development of a 4-month baby that happened. Moms can also stimulate it with the right stimulation to increase its ability. Don't forget to also choose a diaper that is comfortable and anti-clot, namely MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care with the following features:  

  • Luxurious soft surface
  • 4 core layers of SAP or Super Absorbent Polymer
  • Anti-clotting can reduce leakage.  
  • The surface of the air cavity has 2-way circulation so that it makes your little one comfortable.  
  • There is a layer to lock the liquid.  
  • Effectively reduces diaper rash.  

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care is now available for babies aged 4 months with suitable sizes from L to XL. Come on, order now! Takut Ruam Popok, Pakai MAKUKU! (M2M)




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