5 Ways to Treat Dry and Rough Baby Skin

5 Ways to Treat Dry and Rough Baby Skin

written by : MAKUKU - 19 Apr 2024

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Dry and rough baby skin can be a common problem experienced by many parents. Several factors such as weather, wrong bathing habits, use of harsh laundry detergents, as well as dry air, can cause baby's skin to become dry and lack moisture. However, with the right steps, moms and dads can help solve this problem and keep baby's skin healthy and soft.

Symptoms of Dry Baby Skin

Before we discuss how to treat dry baby skin, it is important to recognize the symptoms first. What are the symptoms of dry baby skin and the signs to look out for. Some of the symptoms of dry baby skin that need to be considered include:

  1. The skin appears dry, scaly, and rough.
  2. There are areas of skin that feel itchy or irritated.
  3. A rash or red spots may appear.

How to treat dry baby skin

Parents should know what are the causes of dry skin in babies and symptoms. This is useful for dealing with dry baby skin correctly and appropriately. Because usually some skin problems in babies have almost the same characteristics. If the treatment given is not in accordance with the complaint then the action provided will be in vain.

If you already know why the baby's skin becomes drier than usual, moms can do the following ways to overcome it:

Bathing with Warm Water

Bathing too often or using hot water can remove natural oils from baby's skin, causing dryness. Bathing baby moms with warm water, avoid using harsh soap, make sure it is free of SLS detergent. And, try not to take too long in bathing. It is recommended to bathe the baby not too long, which is enough for about 5-10 minutes.

Using a Humidifier

Dryness on baby's skin can also be caused by the air around them. Dry air can make the baby's skin even drier. Use a humidifier in the room where the baby is to keep the air moist. This will help keep the baby's skin moisturized.

Wearing Soft Clothes

Choose baby clothes made from soft materials that do not irritate the skin, such as cotton. Avoid clothes that are too tight or synthetic, which can cause friction and irritation to the baby's skin.


Use a special baby moisturizer that is free from harsh chemicals and strong fragrances. Apply the moisturizer regularly after bathing and before bedtime to keep baby's skin moisturized. In addition, this moisturizer also serves to maintain the baby's skin barrier so that it is not prone to other skin problems such as diaper rash.

Telon Oil

Telon oil is nothing new when it comes to caring for your little one. It is a traditional solution that is often used to keep baby's skin moisturized. Apply a small amount of telon oil all over the baby's body after bathing to help keep the skin moisturized.

Although dry baby skin is usually harmless, if not treated properly, this condition can cause discomfort and even infection to the baby's skin. If the symptoms of dry baby skin do not improve or appear to be getting worse, consult a doctor immediately for further treatment.

With the right steps, moms and dads can help keep baby's skin healthy and soft all the time. Also, make sure your little one uses comfortable diapers such as MAKUKU SAP Diapers! (Aq/MKK)






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