Recognizing Your Little One's Potential Early on, Already Know Moms?

Recognizing Your Little One's Potential Early on, Already Know Moms?

written by : MAKUKU - 28 Jul 2022

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The potential and talent possessed by a person has actually been embedded since childhood. But the thing that is not easy for parents is how to recognize and increase the potential of the little one. Some parents may have thought, "What will my child become?" "Can I be a doctor?" "Is it possible to be a football player?"

For this reason, MAKUKU as a consultant for mothers and children seeks to provide education to Moms & Dads through a webinar entitled "RECOGNIZE THE POTENTIAL OF THE LITTLE EARLY, CREATE YOUR DREAMS IN THE LATER DAY" Wednesday, 27 July 2022 with Orami Parenting.

Child Psychologist Saskhya Aulia Prima said recognizing the potential and talents of the little one is an important part in the growth and development of children. As parents, it is the duty of Moms and Dads to support the potential of their little ones.

Saskhya said early childhood who are still using diapers should be given the opportunity to explore their environment widely and comfortably. This is considered good for children's brain development, especially if given the appropriate stimulation.

"Early children need a lot of activities. Don't just focus on one activity, because we won't know what talents the little one has. The process of adapting children to feel comfortable with new things is different. Don't be compared to neighboring children," said Saskhya. He also provides some tips for recognizing your child's talents that parents can apply.

  • Starting from providing various types of activities for children to explore.
  • Observe activities that children like to do repeatedly and focus.
  • For early childhood, continue to provide various types of interest stimulation because they are still needed for brain development
  • Provide additional activities to determine the extent to which children are interested in a particular activity. , as well as develop their interests.

"On average and research, the child's goals can change so Moms and Dads don't have to worry. The new goals can be stable when they are 14 years old," added Saskhya.

Supporting the Little One's Dreams

This psychologist who is also the founder of @tigageneration suggests parents to support their children's talents and potential to the fullest.

This is done by fully accepting the child's uniqueness, setting expectations about the child's abilities and development, providing emotional support during the process of recognizing the child's potential, helping children to engage or explore in areas of interest and introduce interests or skills and other characters that children need to survive in their era. .

Another thing that is not less important, four aspects of the development of young children in the world must be considered, namely motor, emotional, social and way of thinking.

"I give an example for my child to participate in taekwondo activities, participating in music activities does not necessarily mean that the little one has to become an athlete. But taekwondo is good for motor skills while music is good for children's emotions," said Saskhya.

On the same occasion, MAKUKU Indonesia Brand Representative Weny said Moms and Dads also need to support their little one's dreams by providing the best products that support their growth and development. One of them is by choosing the right diaper as the baby's first clothes in the world.

Weny said that choosing the right diaper can make your little one move comfortably so that it affects their growth and development. For this reason, MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim is here as a solution to the needs of comfortable and quality diapers.

"MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim is the pioneer of diapers with the SAP Core Structure in Indonesia. The SAP core structure makes the diaper anti-clot and will not hinder the movement of the little one. The little one can explore the surrounding environment without feeling heavy and burdened when the diaper is full," said Weny.

Weny added that the SAP Core Structure also has a high absorption capacity so that urine that enters the diaper will be quickly absorbed evenly without reverse osmosis. So that the liquid that is accommodated by MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim is not in one point.

So, have Moms and Dads found the right diaper to support your little one's dreams? Don't forget to choose MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim! (RR/MKK)







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