Why do baby diapers need to circulate air? Here's what the doctor says

Why do baby diapers need to circulate air? Here's what the doctor says

written by : MAKUKU - 30 Jan 2024

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In choosing the right diaper for your little one, there are several things that moms and dads should consider. One of them is diapers that have good air circulation. Maybe not many people know the function of air circulation in your little one's diaper which actually plays an important role in reducing the risk of diaper rash. Well, in order not to choose the wrong diaper, let's see the explanation of a pediatrician from MMC Hospital, dr. Molly Dumakurai Oktarina, SpA-K, who will thoroughly discuss the importance of air circulation in baby diapers.

The Function of Air Circulation in Baby Diapers

Maybe you are confused about why your little one often gets diaper rash even though you have often changed diapers as recommended by the doctor. The appearance of diaper rash can actually be caused by humid conditions. Where the trigger is the lack of air circulation in the diaper which makes your little one easy to sweat, stuffy and sultry. Especially coupled with a hot tropical climate.

In addition, Dr. Molly explained that the baby's skin covered by diapers tends to be wetter and more moist than the skin on other parts of the body. As a result, most of the time covered by diapers and often exposed to urine and feces. And will be aggravated especially in warm environments or conditions of increased sweating.

According to him, diapers with good air circulation can reduce hot or warm air in the diaper-covered area. As well as suppressing moisture on the skin and being able to keep the baby's skin dry in the meantime.

"Diapers that have good air flow or circulation can reduce hot or warm air in the diaper-covered area, reduce skin moisture, absorb sweat well, and keep the skin dry. So that the baby's skin is well maintained, healthy, and avoid diaper rash," she said.

Ideal Diaper for Little One Expert Recommendation

In addition to diapers that must have good air circulation, Dr. Molly also suggests paying attention to the materials used in diapers. Make sure your little one's diaper is soft and does not contain harmful ingredients for the skin. A soft diaper surface can reduce friction that triggers irritation on your little one's skin.

The ideal diaper must also have good absorption. That way, you can keep your little one's skin dry. Can you imagine when diapers are full of urine, moist and mixed with your child's sweat? these conditions can cause bacteria and germs to develop quickly.

"Certainly made from materials that do not cause irritation to the skin, have good air circulation, are able to absorb wetness optimally and can reduce humid or hot air in the skin area covered by diapers," she explained.

How to keep your little one's skin dry throughout the day

If your little one is still wearing diapers, keeping their skin dry throughout the day may be a challenge. However, that doesn't mean you can't. There are several ways you can do to keep your little one's skin dry despite wearing diapers all day.

To keep your little one's skin moist, Dr. Molly suggests changing diapers ideally 2 hours or more and after every bowel movement. In addition, Dr. Molly also provides tips to keep the skin moist and avoid diaper rash:

Routinely change diapers

Change dirty or wet baby diapers as soon as possible and as often as needed without having to wait until they are too full. Moms can choose diapers with high absorbency capabilities and keep the diaper surface dry.

Clean the diaper area

When changing diapers, make sure you have cleaned the buttocks, genital area to the surrounding area covered by diapers gently and well. Pat gently using a clean, soft dry cloth.

Dry well

Let the baby's skin dry completely before putting the diaper back on. When drying the diaper, avoid rubbing your little one's skin with a cloth as this can irritate the skin.

Make sure the diaper size is right

Choose a diaper size that is appropriate for your child's weight. Do not use one that is too big because it will be loose and trigger leakage. However, do not use diapers that are too tight to prevent chafing.

MAKUKU diapers are soft and breathable.

MAKUKU, an anti-clump diaper made from SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) core structure. Having a soft surface is the hallmark of all MAKUKU diaper variants. Equipped with 3D surface, MAKUKU diapers have good air circulation. Even with the 3D surface, it can reduce skin contact with diapers.

MAKUKU has many variants that you can choose according to your little one's needs. Now MAKUKU diapers can be purchased easily offline and online. (Aq/MKK)





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