Interesting Facts About Diaper Rash that Parents Should Know

Interesting Facts About Diaper Rash that Parents Should Know

written by : MAKUKU - 23 Mar 2023

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Although it looks trivial, in fact the problem of diaper rash still often occurs in babies under the age of 1 year and not a few parents are still confused about diaper rash. Now seeing this problem, MAKUKU continues to educate parents about the problem of diaper rash through Instagram live with a pediatrician from Permata Bekasi Hospital, Dr. Ackni Hartati, Sp. A and collaborates with the Beeme brand which is also present to overcome diaper rash. Here are some interesting facts about diaper rash that parents should know:

Are you sure you know what diaper rash is? This is the definition of diaper rash 

Diaper rash is an inflammation that occurs on the baby's skin around the area covered by the diaper. Diaper rash is often associated with the use of wet diapers that are rarely changed.  Although the rash can be caused by many factors, the main cause of diaper rash itself is due to improper use of diapers. 

How common is diaper rash?  What are the symptoms like?

Diaper rash occurs in infants aged 6 to 12 months. This diaper rash condition is usually characterized by the appearance of irritation in the form of a rash on the skin.  Such as reddish skin, red spots on the skin, even in some cases to blisters or blisters due to improper use or too tight.  

What are the factors that increase diaper rash?

There are many factors that can increase diaper rash.  These factors include food allergies.  Wearing the wrong size of diapers, such as small or oversized. The size of the diaper should be adjusted according to the weight of the child. In addition, the risk factor for diaper rash also increases with prolonged use of diapers.  The duration of diaper use and the addition of wet and moist diapers can trigger the development of bacteria and viruses that cause infection. 

What are the dangers of diaper rash if not treated properly?

If parents have seen signs that their child has diaper rash, it must be treated immediately before it worsens or aggravates the condition of the diaper rash itself. So don't ignore diaper rash that can make your little one cranky. 

When to see a doctor when your child has diaper rash?

If you have used diaper rash cream to treat the problem of diaper rash but after days there is no improvement, parents are advised to see a pediatrician to check the condition of their skin health. It is best not to wait for the diaper rash to get worse. Once symptoms appear, then immediately provide first aid and see a doctor if needed.

Does diaper rash affect a child's development?

Of course. Diaper rash can affect a child's development. The link between diaper rash and child development is that when experiencing diaper rash, your child will be more fussy than usual. This is due to the uncomfortable feeling. This fussy condition can interfere with sleep time and the child becomes less sound. That way, the child will not get good quality sleep and can hinder the growth and development of the child. And when fussy, the child also becomes difficult to eat so that it interferes with the absorption of nutrients which leads to inhibited growth and development.

Can diaper rash heal itself?

After getting the correct treatment, diaper rash can heal in a matter of days about 3 days. However, diaper rash does not heal itself and must be treated with ointments or creams. Or address the cause to speed up the healing. So, in order to heal quickly diaper rash must be treated properly and not ignored.

How to prevent and treat diaper rash like a doctor?

Actually, preventing diaper rash can be done with daily habits. For example, using diapers of the right size, cleaning the diaper area with clean water and drying it well and using anti-rash creams. However, doctors do not recommend using powder for diaper rash treatment. This is because using powder on areas that sweat a lot or even on diaper rash wounds can make them moist or soggy. This condition triggers the growth of nests of bacteria and germs that cause diaper rash.

What are the considerations for choosing a good diaper according to doctors?

The consideration of choosing a good diaper for your child is to choose a diaper with high absorption. Diapers with good absorption can make the diaper surface drier so that it can maintain skin moisture. This also reduces urine contact with the skin for longer. In addition, find out the content of diapers that are safe and of good quality.

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