The Challenge of Working Mothers: The Difficulty of Balancing Career and Life

The Challenge of Working Mothers: The Difficulty of Balancing Career and Life

written by : Makuku Family - 1 Jul 2022

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Being both a mother and a career woman is not easy. Many of the obstacles that are actually experienced by this working mother. Not a few working mothers who admit difficulties in balancing career and life. Especially to divide the time between work and family. Plus, people's views of working mothers, as well as personal problems that must be passed.

 If there is a good support system, such as a husband who wants to share tasks or a family member who can help in between busy schedules, working mothers will be greatly helped. But if not, working mothers have to deal with it on their own. MAKUKU has interviewed several employees who work and have small families about what challenges working mothers experience.

Febriana, 33 years old, Purchasing Manager

. Not to mention facing the slanted notion about working mothers who are considered selfish and incompetent in taking care of the family. However, this slanted assumption does not discourage working mothers and can still show people that even though working mothers work, they can maintain family harmony.

 “So that we are always close to our family, we have a routine before going to work, chatting with our children and husband. Before going to bed, we also play for a while with the children, so the children don't lose their parental figures," said the mother of two.

As a working mother, following the child's development is a moment that should not be missed. Children's growth and development remains a priority for parents and parents are obliged to give the best for their children. One way to support child growth and development is to use the right and comfortable diaper for your little one.

For diapers, the woman who is familiarly called Febri made her choice on MAKUKU Air Diapers for her second child. "For diapers I use MAKUKU Air Diapers, because using the latest technology the diapers are comfortable to wear with my child,".

Andriana Noro Iswari, 33 Years, Supervisor Public Relations

Guilt may occasionally overwhelm a working mother's heart. How not, it feels like 24 hours is not enough to work while taking care of yourself, your family and dividing time for your little one. This is what mothers who work as Public Relations Supervisor always feel. Sometimes it's hard to spend time with your little one and for yourself. And they are required to be smart in choosing which one is a priority.

"It seems that almost all working mothers face the same problem, namely time management," she said.

An unattractive challenge is having to share the attention fairly with her children and husband. Not to mention in terms of providing the best for the development of your little one. "I always try to control what is given to children, from the intake of healthy nutritious food to the diaper needs from MAKUKU Air Diapers,".

The mother of two children advised all working mothers who are struggling for their families not to forget their own needs that must be met properly. "Hopefully people out there don't think it's wrong for working mothers to want to support their family financially," he said.

Sri Hasanah, 30 years old, Service Staff

The most difficult moment when you have to carry out two roles as a working mother and a housewife is a routine that often feels tiring and cannot always be with the children. However, closeness with children at home can still be established thanks to technological advances that make communication easier. Try so that parents can set aside time to ask how the little one is on the sidelines of work.

"Usually during breaks I video call the children at home, it's also good for bonding," said Ibu Sri.

Not infrequently, Ibu Sri asks her partner to help finish the housework and take care of the little one in order to be able to divide the time between work, family and the little one. This mother of two children hopes that what she is doing and what she is currently doing bears sweet fruit for her family and can always give the best.

"The best love for children, I don't hesitate to use MAKUKU diapers that are anti-clot so that children are comfortable, happy and have quality development," he added.

Aqiyu Purbosuli, 29 Years Old, Content Operation

Most working mothers experience a dilemma regarding time allocation with their family. The key to still being able to have quality time with family, especially your little one, is to be smart in managing time. With a sense, focus on work in the office so that the work is done well and does not bring work home. So that all attention for the family at home is not divided.

“If possible, don't bring work to the house so that you can really accompany the children. Then plan time together for the weekend,” said the mother of one child.

In order to work calmly, we must be able to have a support system for children and home affairs. By making sure your little one is cared for by the right and trusted people. In addition, a support system is also needed to support your little one's growth and development to be more optimal. "Providing good stimulation is important for children, making your little one always feel loved by his mother and fulfilling his needs by wearing the best diapers from MAKUKU Air Diapers," he concluded. (Aq/MKK)











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