Diaper Features to Consider, MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim Care is the Answer!

Diaper Features to Consider, MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim Care is the Answer!

written by : MAKUKU - 30 May 2023

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Choosing the right diaper is a challenge for parents. There are many considerations that must be considered for the sake of skin health and comfort of your little one. Starting from the quality of diapers, materials that are safe for baby's skin to any features that can provide benefits such as reducing leakage and diaper rash.

A research shows that around 7-35 percent of 3-year-old children are prone to diaper rash due to improper diapering. All parents want to provide the best and comfort. For this reason, parents should pay attention to the following things when choosing diapers for their little ones:

The right diaper size

The baby's weight determines the comfort when using diapers. Because choosing the right size of baby diapers is seen from the weight not the age of the baby. The size of the diaper is right if the size of the waist circumference, buttocks coverage, to the waist rubber is just right, not small or oversized.

Suitable diaper type

Currently, there are two types of baby diapers: disposable diapers and cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are widely chosen by moms and dads because they are considered more practical and can be disposed of directly after use wherever they are. While cloth diapers can save on baby diaper expenses because they can be washed after use and reused. Both disposable diapers and cloth diapers have their own advantages. So, it is important to choose diapers according to your needs.

Knowing your baby's skin type

There are five types of baby skin that are the same as adults, namely dry skin, normal tends to be dry, normal, normal tends to be sensitive and sensitive skin. However, babies' skin conditions are very different from adults. Normally, the characteristics of normal and healthy baby skin are that it feels supple, soft and has an even texture or is not scaly. Knowing the type of baby's skin is very important because it can determine the baby products that moms and dads choose. And can choose products that are suitable for your little one's skin care.

Diaper quality

Basically, most products are designed to be safe for use by your little one. A safe and comfortable base material is the key to protecting your little one's skin. So choose diapers that are of good quality, soft and do not contain chemicals that harm the skin.

Diaper features

In addition to the quality of diapers, another consideration in determining the choice of diapers is what features the diapers have. Whether these features can help parents in maintaining the health of baby's skin from diaper rash. for example, urine indicator feature, waster tape, 3D structure to hollow surface.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim Care, as the pioneer of the first anti clump diaper in Indonesia with SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) core structure technology answers all diaper rash problems. Super thin super absorbent diapers, have a thin diaper design and are comfortable for babies to move. The absorption is fast and evenly distributed so that MAKUKU diapers stay dry without making baby's skin moist. Keep in mind, baby's moist skin and prolonged contact with urine-soaked diapers can trigger diaper rash.

In addition, MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim Care diapers are also equipped with other features that are no less sophisticated, including:

  • 3D structure: Surface layer with hexagonal texture reduces skin contact.
  • Air cavity surface: eliminates the dampness of the bottom air exchange and allows fresh air to enter.
  • Side core material: has more absorption area and reduces the risk of side leakage.
  • Urine Indicator: makes it easy to know whether your little one's diaper is full or not with the color change from yellow to blue.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim Care now comes in pants type (size M, L, XL, XXL) with price Rp. 89.200,00. MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim Care is available at Superindo, Hypermart, Hero, Grand Lucky, AEON, Transmart, and Diamond Supermarket or for those who are more comfortable shopping online by visiting MAKUKU Indonesia Official account on Lazada, Shopee, Tiktok Shop, and Tokopedia. (Aq/MKK)








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