How big is the capacity of MAKUKU Dry Care?

How big is the capacity of MAKUKU Dry Care?

written by : MAKUKU - 14 Dec 2023

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The problem of leaky diapers is always a hassle for parents. Not only do you have to change diapers continuously, but it also makes clothes and the environment dirty. There are many factors that make diapers leak easily, one of which is the capacity of diapers. Moms and dads must consider the capacity of your child's diaper.

Diaper capacity refers to the ability of a diaper to absorb and hold liquids, such as urine. This is an important factor in assessing the quality of diapers, especially for babies or toddlers who need protection against leaks.

Causes of Leaky Diapers in Babies

The issue of leaky diapers in babies can be a common challenge for parents. Here are some of the common causes and solutions to solve the leaky diaper problem:

  • Inappropriate Diaper Size: Diapers that are too big or too small may not provide good closure, increasing the risk of leakage.
  • Incorrect Diaper Fitting: Improperly fitted or too loose diapers can allow fluids to escape.
  • Diapers that are Not Absorbent Enough: Diapers that do not have adequate absorbency can cause leaks.
  • Overactive Baby: Babies who are becoming more active or learning to crawl or walk may need a stronger, more comfortable diaper.
  • Waiting Too Long to Change Diapers: Diapers that are used for too long may lose their absorbency.
  • Overfilling Diapers: Leaving diapers too full can cause leaks.

Diaper Capacity is a Leaky Diaper Solution

One solution to the problem of leaking diapers is to increase the diaper capacity. Diaper capacity is very important to ensure the comfort and safety of the baby or adult diaper user. Choose diapers with high quality materials such as diapers with super absorbent polymer. Diapers that use SAP have a better capacity to absorb liquid. And a good diaper design can spread the liquid evenly across the surface of the diaper and increase its capacity.

Holding capacity of MAKUKU Dry Care

Good holding capacity is very important in ensuring optimal comfort and protection for the baby or adult using it. One of the diapers that has a large capacity is MAKUKU Dry Care. MAKUKU Dry Care has a capacity of 400 ml with absorbent material combination of SAP and pulp.  MAKUKU Dry Care also has other advantages to reduce leakage in baby diapers, including:

  1. Soft as a cloud diaper. The cloud-like softness of MAKUKU Dry Care diapers helps reduce friction between the skin and diaper.
  2. Dry and comfortable all day long. MAKUKU Dry Care keeps your baby comfortable all day and sleeps well all night.
  3. High absorbency. High absorbency makes the diaper surface dry longer and reduces the incidence of skin irritation caused by moist
  4. Has 3 air circulation to remove moist air so as to reduce heat making baby's skin fresh and not moist.
  5. Has an elastic waist that makes baby comfortable to move and reduces redness on the waist.

MAKUKU Dry Care has two types of diapers, adhesive (NB-S) and pants (M, L, XL, XXL). MAKUKU Dry Care is also available in two packages, namely regular packaging (pack) and single pack (single pack) which can be purchased at the nearest stall. (Aq/MKK)







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