What are the recommended types of baby diapers?

What are the recommended types of baby diapers?

written by : MAKUKU - 23 May 2023

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Unlike the condition of adult skin, baby skin is still so soft, thin and sensitive. So parents must consider anything that will come into direct contact with the baby's skin. One of them is the need for diapers, in choosing diapers of course quality, materials and features are very concerned. Moreover, now there are several types of diapers that can be used by your little one. For this reason, it is important to know the types of diapers that are safe for baby's skin in order to avoid skin problems such as diaper rash.

In general, there are two types of diapers: disposable diapers and cloth diapers (clody diapers). Nowadays, many parents prefer to use disposable diapers because they are considered more practical and easy to use. In fact, disposable diapers have features or advantages that benefit both parents and babies. Disposable diapers usually have a larger capacity, high absorption and are not easy to leak.

This type of disposable diaper also makes it easier to change diapers when outside the home. Moms and dads or anyone who changes diapers can immediately throw away diapers that are full and do not need to bother washing. While cloth diapers are widely used when at home and are considered more efficient because moms and dads can reduce spending on buying diapers. Because cloth diapers can be washed and reused.

For moms who are still confused about finding recommendations for disposable baby diapers, you can choose MAKUKU SAP Diapers. This MAKUKU SAP Diapers brand baby diaper recommendation provides a choice of diapers for newborns to toddlers. MAKUKU SAP Diapers has two types of diaper types, namely adhesive type (tape diapers) with diaper sizes NB and S and pants type (pants diapers) with sizes M, L, XL, and XXL.

Currently, MAKUKU diapers also have variants that you can choose according to your little one's needs. Here are recommendations on the types and types of MAKUKU diapers in all variants:

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care

Luxurious soft or silky surface of MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care makes your little one comfortable when using diapers. It's no wonder that MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care is nicknamed as the sultan diaper because the price is more expensive than other MAKUKU variants.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care uses SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) core structure technology which is anti clumping and very effective in reducing diaper rash. This diaper also features the first bubble belt in Indonesia. This bubble belt is a special design on the phallus without worrying about leaving redness.

In addition to reducing leakage, MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro care is also designed with additional features such as side leakage, wasting tape, urine indicator, u-shape belly button, air cavity surface with two-way circulation and 3D structure to reduce direct contact with baby's skin. Among other MAKUKU SAP Diapers variants, this diaper has the largest capacity of 700 ml.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Balance Care

MAKUKU as a diaper rash expert understands the needs of babies more than parents. This is why MAKUKU SAP Diapers Balance Care is here for babies in Indonesia. MAKUKU SAP Diapers Balance Care has three main advantages, namely anti-clumping, has a bubble belt that can prevent redness at the waist and lock in fluids and reduce the risk of diaper rash.

For leaky diaper problems, leave it to MAKUKU SAP Diapers Balance Care as the solution. Because there are sides that can expand the absorption area and rounded edges on the diaper make your little one more comfortable.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim

Using the best absorbent material, MAKUKU white packaging is also anti-clump and super thin super absorbent. The thin MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim is highly recommended for babies who are actively moving and fast absorbing.

The goodness of the new SAP core structure technology can also be felt by moms and dads in this diaper series. Even this diaper has an air cavity surface to create good air circulation. So that your little one does not get overheated or cause moisture on the skin.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim Care

Designed using selected quality materials, the right baby diapers with the best advantages but the price is still affordable and economical can be felt in MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim Care. This baby diaper has 3 main advantages, namely anti-clump diapers that are comfortable and reduce leakage. Locking fluids that make the surface of the diaper drier and thin only 1.6 mm so it is lightweight when used by your little one.

One of the series from MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim has 7 additional features that make the diapers more sophisticated in reducing the risk of diaper rash. The additional features are 3D structure, air cavity surface, side core material, u-shape belly button (exclusive U-shaped umbilical hole for newborns), easy to tear, wasting tape and urine indicator.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Grow Care

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Grow Care is a pants-type baby diaper with jumbo size that provides overnight protection with SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) technology. So it is safe for your little one and does not cause diaper rash, reduce the risk of leakage and make your little one free to move in any position.

Another difference of dennen series is that it has two layers of SAP core, twice locking liquid, anti-clump, very thin and air hollow surface, and large capacity of 550 ml. MAKUKU SAP Diapers Grow Care has XXL, 3XL and 4XL sizes which are intended for children who have large bodies, children over 3 years old who still wear diapers and on long trips.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Soft Care

Just like the other series, MAKUKU SAP Diapers Soft Care which became "Super Dry Heroes" is a super thin super absorbent anti clump diaper with SAP technology. The advantage of SAP technology is that the diapers do not clump and appear to "fall" when holding a lot of liquid. Your little one's urine fluid is also well absorbed without causing seepage back to the surface. So, the surface of the diaper remains dry and not moist.

Other advantages MAKUKU SAP Diapers Soft Care uses SAP technology, good absorption capacity and keeps diapers thin. It locks liquid well, 3D structure reduces 50% direct contact with the skin.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort

Sat this many moms who Sudha realize the importance of anti-clump diapers for the health of your little one's skin. Clumping diapers themselves have absorption at one point only, making the surface moist and wet. This can trigger the risk of diaper rash in your little one. Therefore, you should choose diapers with high absorption and anti-clumping such as MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort.

As the pioneer of SAP diapers, MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort is able to absorb evenly and keep the surface dry so that it effectively reduces diaper rash. This green MAKUKU diaper can hold about 8 times of baby's pee or about 400 ml.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort Fit

Diaper rash problem is often caused by rough diaper surface. The friction between the diaper and the skin over time can cause irritation and lead to baby's skin health problems. To answer this problem, MAKUKU has a thin, soft diaper with a large capacity. MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort Fit is one of the series of MAKUKU Diapers Comfort which is anti clumping, comfortable, locks liquid well which is able to maintain the moisture of your little one's skin.

Using SAP structure core material makes the diaper very thin and light. Babies will be more comfortable using a thin diaper because it will not inhibit the baby in moving and make the baby comfortable in activities. Plus, the price of this baby diaper is relatively cheap and MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort Fit are available at Alfamart.


Although MAKUKU Dry Care is a budget diaper variant, this new product has passed a series of tests to ensure safety and high quality. So, moms and dads don't need to worry and doubt anymore because MAKUKU Dry Care is made with a combination of pulp + SAP and high standards to support baby's comfort and protection.

The advantages of MAKUKU Dry Care are that the diapers are soft, dry all day, absorbent day and night, have high absorption, there are 3 layers of air circulation, elastic waist design, and long diaper surface. MAKUKU Dry Care is also available in single packs and can be purchased at the nearest shop.

Well, those are the types of baby diapers that are commonly used and the MAKUKU Diapers variants that moms and dads can choose according to the needs of their little ones. All MAKUKU Diapers are easily available in offline and online stores. Afraid of diaper rash, use MAKUKU! (Aq/MKK)











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What are the recommended types of baby diapers?

MAKUKU SAP Diapers provides a wide selection of diapers for newborns to toddlers. Here are 6 variants of MAKUKU SAP Diapers!

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