Get to know the causes of allergies in babies and how to deal with them

Get to know the causes of allergies in babies and how to deal with them

written by : MAKUKU - 17 Mar 2023

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Allergy in babies is a common health problem. Allergies in babies occur when the skin becomes inflamed due to direct contact with trigger allergens. Now very susceptible to allergies because the immune system releases histamine or other substances in response to an allergen. Come on, find out what are the causes of allergies in babies and how to deal with them properly.

The characteristics of allergies in infants are marked by the appearance of red eyes, sneezing, eczema, skin redness, rashes, itching, and other skin problems. But unfortunately, problem skin such as allergies or rashes is sometimes difficult to distinguish. So, so that parents can deal with allergic problems in babies properly, it is necessary to know what causes them first.

Factors Causing Allergies in Infants

genetic factor

Based on the results of the study there are several factors that cause allergies in infants. One of the causes is genetic or hereditary factors from parents or families of the father and mother. Babies born to parents who have allergies are 7 times more likely to have the same allergies compared to parents without allergies. Even though it is passed from parents to children, the types of allergies are certainly different.

Very clean environment

Health can be maintained by keeping the environment clean. But it turns out that the fact, the environment is too clean and sterile can lower the immune system. So that makes baby immunity immature children susceptible to disease because good bacteria and germs do not develop properly. A study says a life that is too clean can increase the risk of allergies and asthma.

Certain health problems

 Allergic reactions in babies can be triggered due to certain health problems. For example, babies who have health problems with eczema will be at high risk of developing allergies to certain types of food.

Not breastfed

Breast milk is an intake perfect to build the baby's immune system. infants who are not breastfed or have received solid food and given formula milk before the age of 3-4 months increase the risk of food allergies or milk allergies in infants.

Some types of allergies in babies

Food allergies

The effects of food allergies that occur in your little one can be seen in skin changes. Parents should pay attention to any food that makes children allergic. So, for the time being, these foods can be avoided first. The foods that usually trigger allergies are allergies to cow's milk, nuts, seeds, wheat, fish, eggs, and shell- scallops.

Indoor allergies

Air pollution can also occur indoors which usually comes from pet dander, dust, mold, cigarette smoke, and pollen. These pollutants can cause indoor allergies in children. Signs of allergies in babies to room pollutants include coughing, sneezing, congestion, shortness of breath, and respiratory problems.

Seasonal allergies

These seasonal allergies occur in children because of the changing seasons. NoA little both adults and children who experience itchy eyes, runny nose, and reactions Other allergies are due to an overreaction of different allergens present in the air in certain seasons.

Pet allergies

Animal dander is one of the most common allergy triggers. Usually, animal hair that can trigger allergies is cats, dogs, and other furry pets. Your little one can get allergies from pets due to microscopic skin flakes almost similar to dandruff and protein from saliva.

Drug allergies

Drug allergies can occur sometimes after a child takes certain medications such as antibiotics or NSAIDs. The characteristics of drug allergies in children are rashes on the skin, swelling, fever, itching, and shortness of breath.

Saliva allergy

Allergy symptoms such as small bumps that occur around the mouth do not only occur due to food allergies but can also be caused by saliva. The child's saliva, which often wets the mouth and chin, can trigger redness and a rash.

Chemical allergy

There are several chemicals contained in baby products that trigger allergies. The reactions that appear are usually in the form of itchy skin, dry rashes, and reddish spots appearing.

How to deal with allergies in babies

Give antihistamines

Antihistamines are allergy medications for children that are sold freely based on a doctor's prescription. The way these drug works is by hindering the formation of histamine or compounds that trigger allergies such as colds, nose clogged, itching, sneezing, red eyes, and itching, rash, and bumps.

Eliminate allergic exposure

Until now, allergies are a disease that has not been cured. The allergic nature will subside and disappear but can recur. To deal with allergies in babies, mom and dad can keep allergy triggers or exposure away.

Give inhalers

The next way to treat allergies in babies is to give inhalers. The use of this inhaler to overcome difficulty breathing or runny nose in children due to allergies. Or it could be with the use of steam warm air and warm water baths to help relieve the channels.

Adrenaline injection

If your little one has a severe allergic reaction, the doctor will take action to inject it hormones adrenaline through the baby's skin. This adrenaline hormone is given as an allergy medicine for children so that it can control worsening allergy symptoms.

Apply hydrocortisone cream

Hydrocortisone cream is one of the allergy medications that can be given to children. The way these drug works is by reducing reaction Allergies on the baby's skin. (Aq/MKK)









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