7 Months Baby Development What Mom Needs to Know, What's That?

7 Months Baby Development What Mom Needs to Know, What's That?

written by : MAKUKU - 29 Dec 2022

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As you get older, your little one's growth and development is increasing. Especially in babies aged 7 months, at this age babies become more independent and have a lot of venom. It's no wonder that entering the age of 7 months is called a transitional period for babies. Then, what is the development of a 7 month baby and its stimulation?

Many changes when a baby is 7 months old, starting from weight and height. For baby boys it is 8.3 kg and its height is around 69.2 cm. in a baby girl is 7.6 kg and a height of about 67.3 cm. At this age, your little one has started to grow teeth, the texture of the food has become denser and many more skills will be shown by a 7 month old baby. 

So, mom and dad can observe their development and determine what stimulation is right at the age of 7 months. This is because stimulation that is inappropriate for the age of the baby and over stimulation can cause the baby to be uncomfortable and fussy easily.

What can a 7 month old baby do?

A 7 month old baby can already know the surrounding environment. Mom and dad can already invite their little one to do some activities while telling them what they are doing. Because a 7 month old baby actually has a high curiosity. The following is the development of a 7-month baby that you must know:

Crawling and moving more

The development of each child is different. But in general, at the age of 7 months, babies can crawl and move more. Like rolling over, changing to a sitting position without assistance and exploring the surroundings. In order for the baby to crawl quickly, mom and dad can lure him with toys so that the little one comes to you.

Your little one is more expressive

In the development of a 7 month old baby, your little one is already able to show some facial expressions. For example laughing, smiling, frowning and other expressions. Even your little one can already imitate other people's expressions.

Reaching and grasping objects

A 7-month-old baby can reach and grasp objects. Even your little one can shake his toy and move it from hand to hand. Along with the ability to grasp it, the ability to coordinate the eyes and hands of the baby is also increasing. do not be surprised if even your little one becomes more happy throwing objects.

Understanding words and bubbling

7 month old baby is getting smarter babbling or babbling. The communication skills of 7 month old babies are getting better. He understood some of the words mom and dad said and responded. He can even turn his head when his name is called, are you excited mom?

Here's how to stimulate a 7-month-old baby

After knowing what a 7-month-old baby can do, then mom and dad are required to provide age-appropriate stimulation so that their development is more optimal. This stimulation can also be done when the 7 month old baby has not shown any of the developments as mentioned above. Try giving stimulation to a 7 month baby like the following:

  1. Give your baby a play area or space to explore by placing their favorite toys and objects. Make sure these objects are safe for your little one to play with.
  2. Introduce babies to more varied foods and let your little one learn to eat his own food. Serve soft food so that it is easier for the baby to chew it.
  3. Invite the baby to talk like adults. Inviting your little one to talk can be used as a way to hone his speaking skills. But make sure you don't use baby language.
  4. Reading story books to your little one is also one of the best 7 month baby stimulations to improve their language and communication skills.
  5. At the age of 7 months, mom and dad can also invite your little one to play and meet their peers. This can improve cognitive and social abilities.

So, mom and dad already know what the development of a 7 month baby is and how to stimulate it. So, pay attention to your little one's development whether it is appropriate or not and whether there are red flags shown by your little one. To support the growth and development of babies who are having fun exploring their surroundings, don't forget to provide comfortable diapers such as MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort

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