Bangun Pabrik, MAKUKU Serius Perangi Ruam Popok di Indonesia

MAKUKU berkomitmen untuk dapat memenuhi kebutuhan popok di Indonesia yang sangat besar dengan mendirikan pabrik pertama di Indonesia.

written by : MAKUKU - 10 Nov 2022

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Diaper rash is the most vulnerable skin problem in babies under one-year-old. Where babies in that age range still have soft and sensitive skin so they are prone to skin diseases. Moreover, one of the causes of diaper rash is due to improper use of diapers every day.

Diaper rash usually occurs when the material used in the diaper is not suitable for the baby's skin, causing an allergic reaction. Diaper rash can also stalk your baby's skin when a diaper that has been used for too long is not changed. Liquid and dirt in your baby's diaper that hits the skin and becomes a breeding ground for germs and bacteria can trigger the appearance of diaper rash.

The danger of diaper rash itself if allowed to continue to occur can turn into an infection. This part of the infection can cause sores and discomfort when your little one urinates. Imagine, mom and dad how fussy your little one will be if they have diaper rash. Diaper rash is also a skin disease that can reappear if you don't really keep your baby's skin clean and healthy.

MAKUKU Always Assists Parents in Reducing the Risk of Diaper Rash

It is undeniable that diaper rash causes concern and anxiety for parents when caring for and protecting the health of their little one's skin. Even though the health of your little one's skin is very important to be maintained and prioritized because it can affect their growth and development. Seeing this problem, MAKUKU understands how difficult it is for parents to find suitable baby diapers. Many things must be owned by a diaper to be ideal for meeting your diaper. Starting from high-quality materials, and beneficial features that can reduce the risk of diaper rash and prevent leakage.

MAKUKU always innovates to provide high-quality products as a solution to the problem of diaper rash. MAKUKU products are designed using the core structure of SAP or Super Absorbent Polymer which is shaped like a powder. The core of this SAP structure will later turn into a crystal when it absorbs the baby's liquid and locks the liquid to the maximum. The surface of the diaper becomes dry for a long time, does not cause moisture to the baby's skin, absorbs quickly and evenly so it is anti-clotting. This is what makes MAKUKU effective in reducing diaper rash.

MAKUKU is committed to being able to meet the diaper in Indonesia by establishing the first factory in Indonesia. first factory MAKUKU is located in the Industrial Park, Sayung Demak, Central Java. The first factory established by MAKUKU has an area of ​​50,000 m2 with a planned production capacity of 40 million RMB (88 Billion) in May 2023. The types of products that will be produced by this factory are MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim and MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort adhesive and pants type.

factory MAKUKU to be established is a non-waste factory and has a comprehensive waste disposal system. No water is needed in the production process. Domestic waste will be disposed of after sewage treatment at the factory. In addition, the workshop equipment will be equipped with the best quality dust removal equipment so that the air produced can help achieve a natural level of air cleanliness.

So, mom and dad don't have to worry about diaper rash anymore. Afraid of diaper rash, use MAKUKU! (Aq/MKK)






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