This Diaper Effectively Reduces Diaper Rash, Did You Know?

This Diaper Effectively Reduces Diaper Rash, Did You Know?

written by : MAKUKU - 11 Nov 2022

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Diaper rash is a skin disorder in the form of irritation that occurs when a baby's skin is covered by a diaper. According to IDAI data, diaper rash is one of the causes of skin disorders in infants, especially infants aged 9-12 months. Well, to avoid diaper rash, mom and dad should choose the right diaper. Already know what diapers are effective in reducing diaper rash? Come on, see the following explanation.

Diaper rash in children is generally associated with wearing diapers. Usually, the allergic reaction that triggers diaper rash is caused by an allergy to diaper ingredients, fragrances, or alcohol content. It could also be due to the use of diapers that are too long, diapers that cannot absorb properly, making the surface of the diaper wet and moist.

The type of diaper that is now widely used by parents is the disposable diaper which is considered more practical. The ideal diaper, both from the material and all the features in it must be able to maintain the pH stability and dryness of the baby's skin to prevent rashes from occurring. The risk of diaper rash can be reduced by using diapers with SAP or Super Absorbent Polymer materials such as MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim.

This core structure of SAP has proven to be a better diaper material than pulp content. This is because the core structure of SAP is able to absorb liquids quickly and evenly. So that the diaper does not clump, your little one can move freely without having to be bothered by the heavy load of the diaper. While the pulp structure in other diapers only absorbs at one point and makes the diaper easy to clump.

Why should your little one use a diaper that doesn't clump?

Many bad effects are produced by diapers that clump easily. Clogged diapers can make it difficult for your little one to move, leak easily, uneven absorption, poor air circulation in the diaper, and even diaper rash. Wearing a tight diaper can also increase friction against the skin and trigger a rash.

In addition, your little one also needs diapers that make him comfortable all day long. Like women who use pads during menstruation, of course they will choose pads that are thin and comfortable for movement. Likewise with your little one, it requires thin diapers with large capacity but still comfortable when used. Currently there are many thin pads being sold on the market, this is also the same as the high demand for diapers for sensitive skin.

MAKUKU presents several diaper variants that are effective in reducing diaper rash. Here are the MAKUKU that mom and dad can choose according to your little one's needs:

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim comes in new packaging and higher quality products. The capacity of MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim is bigger, which is 500 ml. it also changes in size so that it has greater absorption and better leak protection. The absorption area is also increased by 9% and reduces leakage.

At the waist is also equipped with larger bubbles to increase air ventilation and reduce stuffiness. Babies will be more comfortable when using diapers. Even on the fabric, there are also a few fine hairs and thinner fibers to reduce friction on the baby's skin.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort

Just like other variants, MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort is available in new packaging, and the product quality is further improved. To prevent leakage which is a complaint when your little one uses diapers, the capacity of MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort is 400 ml larger than before. The diaper is made larger so that the spread area is maximized and the edge length is to minimize side leakage.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care

This variant is the newest diaper from MAKUKU. MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care has three advantages, namely luxurious soft super smooth surface as soft as silk, 4 layers of SAP core, and the first bubble belt feature in Indonesia. MAKUKU created this bubble belt design because of the many complaints parents face in using diapers at the waist. Where there are usually traces of rubber use that make the baby uncomfortable and itchy.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care can absorb up to 700 ml, and has a double leakproof, 3D surface, air cavity surface, urine indicator, and drain tape.

So, mom and dad can choose high-quality diapers and effectively reduce diaper rash from MAKUKU. Fear of Diaper Rash, Use MAKUKU! (Aq/MKK)








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Mom and Dad, this is the difference between MAKUKU in white and green packaging.

Makuku has issued variants with white & green packaging. The white packaging diaper is Makuku SAP Diapers Slim & the green one is Makuku SAP Diapers Comfort

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