MAKUKU Air Tissue

MAKUKU Air Tissue is the first type of tissue lotion in Indonesia that uses new technology to contain moisturizers. MAKUKU Air tissue has a softer and smoother texture, does not irritate the skin for both babies and adults, and does not tear easily.

Gives Softness To The Skin


Air Tissue

40 sheets/3ply

Luxurious Soft

3 Layers




MAKUKU Air Tissue

Tradisional Tissue

gambar MAKUKU Air Tissue

Mengandung Lotion

gambar MAKUKU Air Tissue Tisu tradisional biasa

Tidak Mengandung Lotion

Tisu tradisional biasa


0 Stimulation

0 Factory Bacteria

Lotion Ingridients


Safe to use for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Suitable for baby skin with a higher sensitivity level than adults. When the nose is having problems, the tissue is safe to use to wipe without any powder left behind.

Digunakan saat batuk, pilek, alergi
mengurangi gesekan merah dengan kulit

Mudah di simpan dan di bawa kemana pun

Melindungi dan merawat kulit
sensitif bayi

The advantages of MAKUKU Air Tissue

Image of luxurious soft MAKUKU AIR Tissue Image of moisturizing MAKUKU AIR Tissue

Luxurious Soft

The surface of the tissue is smoother, softer against the skin. So that it can prevent irritation when rubbed into the skin. It can also be used in problematic skin conditions and reduces redness on the skin when rubbed.


Contains moisturizing glycerin which can moisturize and soften, care for delicate skin, absorbs moisture, is safe for wiping the skin, prevents irritation of sensitive skin, does not cause skin irritation and does not tear easily.

Picture of MAKUKU Air Tissue Picture of MAKUKU Air Tissue Picture 3 layers of MAKUKU AIR Tissue

3 Layers

Desain spesial buble yang lembut di bagian pinggang membuat bayi nyaman tanpa khawatir meninggalkan bekas kemerahan.

Image of practical MAKUKU AIR Tissue


Mudah di simpan dan di bawa kemana pun

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