Don't worry, here are powerful tips for overcoming diaper rash in babies

Don't worry, here are powerful tips for overcoming diaper rash in babies

written by : Makuku Family - 11 Jan 2022

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from birth to the growth of your little one certainly requires extra care and attention. We need to understand how to care for and treat your little one gently and with great care. In addition to special treatment, of course, you also need to prepare various baby equipment and clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for their age. 

One item that you need to pay attention to is baby diapers. The use of baby diapers must be adjusted to the needs and comfort of the little one. From the beginning of birth to the first few weeks, baby diapers are very important items because they are used by your little one throughout the day. Therefore, of course, you need to choose the right baby diaper. When using a baby diaper for the first time, it is possible that your little one will experience space on the skin.

 Skin rash due to the use of baby diapers usually occurs in the area of ​​​​the skin covered by the diaper. Usually, skin rashes appear because of wearing a diaper for too long or because the inside of the diaper is moist so that it irritates the skin. Diaper rash can be seen from the skin color that becomes red, dry, and looks like blisters. Skin rashes are common in the thighs and buttocks area. This diaper rash can be very bothersome for your little one, because it will sting when touched or rub against pants and diapers. Therefore, you need to prevent the appearance of diaper rash in babies. 

There are several ways to deal with diaper rash, one of which is to use diapers that have high absorption. Want to know another way? Let's take note of the following tips on how to deal with diaper rash in babies!

Use High Diapers

AbsorbentThe first way you can try to prevent and treat diaper rash is to choose diapers that have high absorbency. One of the causes of rashes is the use of moist diapers that irritate the baby's skin. This moist diaper is caused by the lack of maximum absorption of the diaper. 

This makes urine and feces not absorbed properly. There are ways that you can try to determine the effectiveness of diaper absorption. You can pour water into the diaper, then use a tissue to wipe the surface of the diaper. A good diaper should have good absorbency during the day or night.

Don't Use Diapers That Are Too Tight

second tip for dealing with diaper rash is to use a diaper size that fits your baby. In choosing a baby diaper, you need to adjust to your baby's weight and waist circumference. Using a diaper that is too loose will make your little one feel uncomfortable and the diaper will not function properly. On the other hand, using a diaper that is too narrow has the potential to make the baby's skin hurt and irritated due to rubbing against the surface of the diaper. 

Baby's delicate and sensitive skin requires extra care. Also, if you want to buy a lot of diapers at once, make sure you don't buy just one size. Because, your little one will experience growth so they may need a larger diaper size.

Change Diapers Regularly

next tip that you can apply to treat rashes in babies is to change diapers regularly. The diapers used have a different shelf life. Using a diaper for too long and beyond its lifespan can cause a baby's skin to develop a rash. The rash can get worse if exposed to dirty diapers due to prolonged use. 

Therefore, if your little one uses disposable diapers, you need to regularly check and change diapers. Then, if you use cloth diapers, make sure you wash and rinse them thoroughly. The remaining soap stuck to the surface of the diaper can also cause skin irritation.

Make sure the baby's skin is dry and clean 

next tip for dealing with diaper rash is to keep your baby's skin dry and clean. When the baby's skin has a rash, you need to gently wipe it with a soft towel. Do not use a rough cloth or wet wipes that contain alcohol or other chemicals. Make sure the area of ​​the skin that has the rash is dry and clean. In addition, once in a while you can also give the baby's skin room to breathe by not wearing a diaper for a while.

 If Pup, Change Diaper As Soon As Possible 

next tip that you can apply is to change the diaper as soon as possible if your little one poops. Even though the diaper used has a high absorption capacity, you should change the diaper immediately if your little one poops. This is important for you to do, otherwise it can cause the baby's skin to be exposed to bacteria, causing irritation and rashes on the skin. 

After changing the diaper, make sure you also clean or wash the baby's skin with warm water gently and slowly. Do not forget to dry the baby's skin with a soft and soft towel or cloth.

 Use Ointment For Rashes

Another tip that you can apply if your little one's skin already has a rash, is that you can apply an ointment or skin cream. You can use an ointment that contains zinc to protect the rash from rubbing your pants and avoid bacterial contamination. Apply the ointment slowly and thinly on the surface of the skin that has the rash. You can buy skin rash ointment at the pharmacy or come directly to the doctor for further consultation.

Those are some powerful tips for dealing with diaper rash in babies. Make sure you choose the right size diaper, change diapers regularly, and keep baby's skin dry and clean. To prevent the appearance of skin rashes, you need to choose diapers that are soft and have high absorption. You can choosebaby MAKUKU Air Diapersdiapers. This one baby diaper using anti blockymaterial, superthin, rapid absorption with maximacapacity,l  having a 3Dstructure,and good air circulation for comfort thechild.In addition, MAKUKU AirDiapers have stabilitybaik in absorbing fluid sand serial no goodosmosis. MAKUKU Air Diaper is very suitable for use by babies because it can provide maximum comfort and function for the little one.






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