MAKUKU Presents Air Tissue, the Pioneer of the First Tissue Lotion in Indonesia

MAKUKU Presents Air Tissue, the Pioneer of the First Tissue Lotion in Indonesia

written by : MAKUKU - 11 Jan 2023

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Tissue, even though it is a simple object, has many uses that are needed on a daily basis. Tissue itself is considered to have the same function, even though now tissue comes in various types according to their needs. The many types of tissue present are due to the various activities carried out every day. Where everyone who carries out activities still needs something that can maintain cleanliness and hygiene. It is also useful to maintain and protect yourself from various diseases.

As a mother and child brand, MAKUKU continues to present innovative products that can support the health of both mothers and children. Now MAKUKU remove tissue products MAKUKU Air Tissue that gives a soft sensation to the skin. MAKUKU Air Tissue is designed differently from ordinary tissue which has a rough surface and is easily torn.

Getting to know MAKUKU Air Tissue which is gentle on the skin

MAKUKU Air Tissue is the first type of tissue lotion in Indonesia which is made from a moisturizing glycerin content. If previously the tissue category was only dry tissue, wet wipes, facial tissue, lotion tissue itself is included in a new category that has never existed in Indonesia.

MAKUKU  Air Tissue is made of safe material, does not contain water and will become more humid if it is in a humid environment. The texture of this tissue is very soft and smooth and the packaging is not too big, making Air Tissue practically easy to carry anywhere and suitable for traveling mom and dad with the little one.

Difference MAKUKU Air Tissue with Normal Tissue

MAKUKU Air Tissue is formulated to be friendly on all skin types, both adults and babies. If the tissue is generally rough and eastern if exposed to water. Unlike the wipes from MAKUKU which are so soft, do not cause irritation to the skin, do not tear easily, will not leave white powder, and have passed the bacterial test to high standards. MAKUKU Air Tissue contains 40 sheets and there are 3 layers (3 ply).

Well, here are the advantages MAKUKU Air Tissue that distinguish it from ordinary tissue. Let's listen:


Moisturizing may already be familiar to the ear. Usually this moisturizer is found in treatments for beauty and skincare. The function of the moisturizer itself is to hydrate the skin to keep it moist. Whereas moisturizing on MAKUKU Air tissue can soften and moisturize the tissue and does not cause skin irritation. The effect of this moist tissue is of course safe when it comes into contact with the skin because it is not rough and not dry. So it does not cause irritation to the skin and has passed the SGS third party test.

Luxurious soft

Advantages of MAKUKU This Air Tissue is offering the quality of a soft surface texture. That way, this tissue is suitable for wiping the nose when allergies or flu or blowing the nose without irritation, reduces redness and is friendly to the skin. Even this Air Tissue can be used on skin that is having problems.

Safe on Skin

Due to its very soft surface, MAKUKU Air Tissue is safe to use for all skin types of babies and adults. The softness of this tissue will not irritate when used on sensitive skin. It is also suitable for baby skin with a higher sensitivity level than adults. Very comfortable to use to clean the buttocks or other areas on the baby's body. And, when the nose is having problems, the tissue is safe to use to wipe without any powder left behind.

Practical and easy to carry

Very designed compact make MAKUKU Air Tissue is easy to store, doesn't take up space to store and can be taken anywhere, such as traveling, put in a pouch, and held in hand.

Benefits of Use MAKUKU Air Tissue   

Does not leave traces of redness

Not all wipes have a soft surface and smooth texture. Most regular wipes have a standard fineness. This is what makes the skin a little reddish when you rub it on your skin. Especially when you are hit by allergies or a cold, which requires you to wipe your nose using a tissue. The skin in the nose area will appear reddish due to friction with a tissue with a rough surface. Whereas MAKUKU Air Tissue has a soft and smooth surface so it won't leave reddish marks.

Usage daily

MAKUKU Air Tissue is safe to use every day. It can even be used to clean your face from make-up or makeup, absorb sweat during outdoor activities, to wipe allergic or cold noses without worrying about leaving redness on the skin.

To clean baby's skin

Baby's skin is still very delicate and sensitive so it requires something soft to clean baby's skin. MAKUKU Air Tissue made from safe, suitable and effective materials for babies to use, starting from cleaning the baby's mouth, hands, buttocks to other body parts.

Family care

Has the advantage of being very soft, MAKUKU Air Tissue is designed with good quality and is suitable for use by the whole family that has passed bacterial and hygienic tests. So, mom and dad can use tissues MAKUKU  quietly and comfortably.

Well, that's excellence MAKUKU Air Tissue that distinguishes it from other tissues. MAKUKU  You can get this Air Tissue at MAKUKU Official store in mom and dad's favorite e-commerce! (Aq/MKK)






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