Protect Baby's Umbilical Cord, MAKUKU Presents First U-Shape Belly Button Feature in Indonesia

Protect Baby's Umbilical Cord, MAKUKU Presents First U-Shape Belly Button Feature in Indonesia

written by : MAKUKU - 4 Dec 2023

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The umbilical cord is a connective tissue that connects the placenta and the fetus. This umbilical cord functions to channel oxygen and nutrients for the survival of the fetus while in the womb. After birth, this cord is no longer needed by the baby. So, the umbilical cord will be cut and left a little on the baby's navel. Moms take it easy, cutting the umbilical cord will not hurt the baby.

The remaining umbilical cord that is still attached to the baby's navel will fall off by itself. While waiting for the umbilical cord to fall off, moms should pay attention to the cleanliness and health of the umbilical cord. Because, umbilical cords that are not properly cared for can trigger infections and other health complications.

Even according to WHO, the death rate due to umbilical cord infection is 126,000 from live births in Southeast Asia. This umbilical cord infection occurs around 23%-91% due to untreated. The importance of newborn cord care has made MAKUKU create the latest innovation, the first newborn belly button u-shape feature in Indonesia.

The First Belly Button U-Shape Award in Indonesia

The belly button u-shape feature found in all MAKUKU SAP Diapers variants was awarded as the "First diaper in Indonesia with Newborn Special Belly Button U-shape Feature" from TRAS N CO at the Indonesia Maternity, Baby & Kids Expo (IMBEX 2023) on December 1-3, 2023 at the Jakarta Convention Center Senayan, South Jakarta. As an advanced innovation in baby cord care, this event was also attended by Dr. Desi Dewi Saraswati Sp.A, Pediatrician from Primaya Evasari Hospital.

Get to Know the Belly Button U-Shape Feature on MAKUKU SAP Diapers

Belly button u-shape is a U-shaped cut on the front of the diaper. The function of this U-shaped curve is to protect the newborn's umbilical cord from diaper friction. While if using regular diapers without this feature, moms and dads must fold the front of the diaper or cut it so that it does not cover the umbilical cord and is open to air.

According to Dr. Desi, diapers that come into contact with the baby's umbilical cord can be a medium for transferring bacteria from the baby's urine or feces that cause infection of the umbilical cord. She added, diapers with the u-shape belly button feature can be the right choice for mothers to keep the umbilical cord dry, not moist and not rubbing directly with diapers. So MAKUKU SAP Diapers which has a belly button u-shape feature is recommended as one of the ways to care for newborn umbilical cord.

How to Care for Newborn Baby's Umbilical Cord

The baby's umbilical cord will fall off by itself for 3-14 days, this condition is different for each baby. The umbilical cord needs to be cared for appropriately to reduce or prevent the risk of cord infection.

Caring for a baby's umbilical cord means keeping the wound clean, not exposed to urine fluid, baby feces or other debris. If exposed to dirt, the umbilical cord wound can be cleaned with clean running water and dried immediately with dry, clean gauze. In addition to keeping the baby's umbilical cord clean, here's how to care for a newborn's umbilical cord:

Do not cover the umbilical cord with anything

The hospital will wrap the baby's umbilical cord for a while so that it does not stick to the skin. Arriving home, moms are advised to open the gauze to be exposed to air. Do not cover the baby's umbilical cord with anything, either diapers or pu gauze.

Avoid giving something to the umbilical cord

Actually, the right way to care for the baby's umbilical cord is not to give anything. Because basically the umbilical cord does not need anything to dry quickly and puput. So, avoid using alcohol, soap, powder, red medicine, herbal ingredients or antiseptic.

Bathe with warm water

Use a washcloth with warm water to clean the baby's umbilical cord area. Wash your little one's body slowly and carefully. Avoid immersing the umbilical cord in water when cleaning the baby.

Maintain hand hygiene

Before cleaning the baby's umbilical cord, make sure your hands or anyone who wants to clean have washed their hands clean. Wash your hands with soap and warm water before holding the baby or taking care of the umbilical cord.


There are many ways to care for a newborn's umbilical cord, one of which is by using a diaper with a belly button u-shape feature as in all MAKUKU SAP Diapers variants. This belly button u-shape feature can help make it easier for parents to care for their baby's umbilical cord to avoid infection and other complications. (Aq/MKK)






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