180 Sanskrit Boy Baby Names and Their Meanings

Find Beautiful Sanskrit Baby Boy Names - Sanskrit Name Meanings for Your Child. Choose the Best Baby Boy Names!

written by : MAKUKU - 7 Nov 2023

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Are Moms and Dads looking for inspiration to name a baby boy? If so, this article will discuss 180 Sanskrit baby boy names and their meanings. Sanskrit is an ancient language that is rich in meaning and beauty, making baby names in this language special and meaningful.

Modern Sanskrit Baby Boy Names

Sanskrit is not only ancient, but it also has a variety of modern names suitable for baby boy Moms. Here are 30 modern Sanskrit baby boy names and their meanings:

  1. Aarav (आरवा) - Means "peace".
  2. Advaita (अद्वैत) - Means "not two, one".
  3. Arjun (अर्जुन) - Means "son of Lord Indra".
  4. Bhuvan (भुवन) - Means "universe".
  5. Dhruv (ध्रुवा) - Means "motionless, fixed".
  6. Eshan (ईशान) - Means "God".
  7. Hridaya (हृदय) - Means "heart".
  8. Ishaan (ईशान) - Means "God, the Sun God".
  9. Jai (जय) - Means "victory".
  10. Kabir (कबीर) - Means "great".
  11. Lakshya (लक्ष्य) - Means "goal".
  12. Manan (मनन) - Means "to think, ponder".
  13. Nikhil (निखिल) - Means "universal, complete".
  14. Om (ओम) - Is a sacred syllable in Hinduism.
  15. Parth (पार्थ) - Means "son of King Prithu".
  16. Rohan (रोहन) - Means "to rise".
  17. Shivansh (शिवांश) - Means "part of Lord Shiva".
  18. Tanish (तनिष) - Means "ambition, desire".
  19. Utkarsh (उत्कर्ष) - Means "glory".
  20. Vivaan (विवान) - Means "brilliant".
  21. Arun (अरुण) - Means "dawn, sunrise".
  22. Dev (देवा) - Means "God".
  23. Girik (गिरिक) - Means "lord of the mountains".
  24. Hari (हरि) - Means "leader of the world".
  25. Ishan (ईशान) - Means "ruler of the universe".
  26. Jaidev (जयदेवा) - Means "God of victory".
  27. Kiran (किरण) - Means "light".
  28. Lagan (लगन) - Means "goal of life".
  29. Manik (मणिक) - Means "gem".
  30. Nalin (नलिन) - Means "lotus".

Islamic Sanskrit Baby Boy Names

Sanskrit has also had an influence in Islamic culture, and there are many Sanskrit baby boy names that are also popular among Muslims. Here are 30 Islamic Sanskrit baby boy names and their meanings:

  1. Aryan (आर्यन) - Means "noble, noble".
  2. Dilshan (दील्शन) - Means "loving heart".
  3. Farid (फरीद) - Means "unique, exceptional".
  4. Hakim (हाकिम) - Means "wise, ruler".
  5. Iqbal (इकबाल) - Means "luck, honor".
  6. Javed (जावेद) - Means "immortal".
  7. Kashif (काशिफ) - Means "discovery, investigation".
  8. Lutfi (लुत्फी) - Means "graceful, sweet".
  9. Majid (मजीद) - Means "noble, great".
  10. Nadir (नादिर) - Means "rare, special".
  11. Omar (उमर) - Means "long life".
  12. Qadir (क़ादिर) - Means "strong, capable".
  13. Raihan (राइहान) - Means "fragrant, fragrant".
  14. Saif (सैफ) - Means "sword".
  15. Tariq (तारिक) - Means "morning star, guidance".
  16. Umar (उमर) - Means "long life".
  17. Yasin (यासीन) - Is the name of a surah in the Quran.
  18. Zayd (ज़ाय्द) - Means "growth, progress".
  19. Rafi (रफी) - Means "merciful, generous".
  20. Samir (समीर) - Means "wind, fresh air".
  21. Tahir (ताहिर) - Means "clean, pure".
  22. Uzair (उज़ैर) - Means "bull, strong".
  23. Vahid (वाहीद) - Means "unique, single".
  24. Wahid (वाहिद) - Means "one, the only one".
  25. Xavier (जेवियर) - Is a Sanskrit variation of the name Saint Xavier.
  26. Yameen (यमीन) - Means "trustworthy, honest".
  27. Zafar (ज़फर) - Means "victory".
  28. Zubair (ज़ुबैर) - Means "brave, strong".
  29. Nashit (नशित) - Means "comforter, encourager".
  30. Rakin (राकिन) - Means "honor".

Ancient Sanskrit Baby Boy Names

Sanskrit has very deep roots in ancient Indian culture. Here are 30 ancient Sanskrit baby boy names and their meanings:

  1. Acharya (आचार्य) - Means "teacher, spiritual leader".
  2. Bharat (भरत) - Means "Indian, courage".
  3. Chandra (चंद्र) - Means "moon".
  4. Dhananjaya (धनंजय) - Means "victory through wealth".
  5. Eshwar (ईश्वर) - Means "God".
  6. Ganesh (गणेश) - Means "leader of armies, God of fortune".
  7. Harish (हरीश) - Means "ruler of the universe".
  8. Indra (इन्द्र) - Means "God of thunder and rain".
  9. Jayant (जयन्त) - Means "victory".
  10. Kartik (कार्तिक) - Means "God of war, Mars".
  11. Lakshman (लक्ष्मण) - Means "sign, symbol".
  12. Madhava (माधवा) - Means "Lord Khrisna".
  13. Narayan (नारायण) - Means "savior of man".
  14. Omkar (ॐकार) - Is another form of the holy word 'Om'.
  15. Prakash (प्रकाश) - Means "light".
  16. Rajendra (राजेन्द्र) - Means "king of kings".
  17. Shankar (शंकर) - Means "bringer of good fortune, enlightener".
  18. Tejas (तेजस) - Means "light, brightness".
  19. Uttam (उत्तम) - Means "best, excellent".
  20. Vishnu (विष्णु) - Means "protector of the universe".
  21. Yudhisthira (युधिष्ठिर) - Means "reconciliation in battle".
  22. Raghavendra (राघवेन्द्र) - Means "leader of the descendants of Raghava".
  23. Krishnakanta (कृष्णकांत) - Means "lover of Khrisna".
  24. Bhargava (भार्गवा) - Means "descendant of Bhrigu, holy".
  25. Dharmendra (धर्मेन्द्र) - Means "king of morality".
  26. Sarvajit (सर्वाजित) - Means "victor of all things".
  27. Vijayendra (विजयेंद्र) - Means "victorious leader".
  28. Udayanath (उदयनाथ) - Means "sun god".
  29. Nandakishore (नंदकिशोर) - Means "sweet son of Lord Nanda".
  30. Kamalnayan (कमलनायन) - Means "lotus-like eyes".

Javanese Sanskrit 3 Syllable Baby Boy Names

Java has a long history with Sanskrit culture. Here are 30 Sanskrit baby boy names in three syllable Javanese version and their meanings:

  1. Aditya Putra Arjuna - Means "son of the Sun God and hero Arjuna".
  2. Brahma Wijaya Aji - Means "wise winner with knowledge".
  3. Cakra Baskara Surya - Means "giver of light and warmth like the sun".
  4. Dharma Prabhu Gusti - Means "the god who is just and wise".
  5. Eka Dharma Saputra - Means "the only son who has dharma (morality)".
  6. Ganesha Widya Santosa - Means "the god of fortune who gives wisdom".
  7. Hanuman Trijaya Sena - Means "the hero who wins three victories".
  8. Indra Aditya Brahmanto - Means "the light giver of the gods Indra and Brahma".
  9. Jayeng Sasmita Wijaya - Means "victor who has authority and wisdom".
  10. Krishna Baskara Nugraha - Means "the light that gives good fortune and wisdom".
  11. Laksamana Dharma Putra - Means "the son who has the morality of a knight".
  12. Majapahit Jayeng Kusuma - Means "the flower of glory of the Majapahit kingdom".
  13. Nala Dharma Wisesa - Means "a king of wisdom and morality".
  14. Omkara Sakti Ananta - Means "the limitless power of the sacred syllable 'Om'".
  15. Prabhu Arjuna Sura - Means "hero who possesses divine courage".

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Moms, hopefully the list of Sanskrit baby boy names above can give you inspiration in choosing a special and meaningful name for your baby. Remember that names are prayers, and naming your baby with meaning will bring blessings to them. Hopefully, this article will be useful for you in your journey to find the perfect name for your baby boy.

Nama bayi




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