150 Beautiful Girl Baby Names Starting with the Letter S

Discover a variety of beautiful and meaningful baby girl names starting with the letter S. Explore a comprehensive list of lovely and inspiring names for your little one here.

written by : MAKUKU - 5 Sep 2023

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Welcome to the new world of happiness! As prospective parents, one of the most important decisions you'll make is choosing a name for your little daughter. Names are a significant part of one's identity, and selecting a beautiful and meaningful name is a truly special task.

In this article, we will help you explore 150 baby girl names that start with the letter "S," ranging from traditional to modern to those with special meanings. Whether you're looking for a name that's trendy, modern, or holds a unique significance, you'll find a variety of options to inspire you.

Modern Baby Girl Names Starting with "S"

For those who desire names that align with the latest trends, here are 25 modern baby girl names starting with the letter "S" that have a contemporary feel:

  1. Sarahra: A unique and beautiful name.
  2. Salena: Graceful and captivating.
  3. Shafira: Meaning beautiful, suitable for an adorable little one.
  4. Syakira: A name that conveys gratitude.
  5. Salsabila: Refers to the springs of paradise.
  6. Shalina: A name with a touch of gentleness.
  7. Syanira: A beautiful combination of sound and color.
  8. Sirena: Reminiscent of enchantment.
  9. Safiyya: Meaning pure, sincere, and heartfelt.
  10. Sareefa: Reflects nobility.
  11. Salmaira: Combines Salma and Aira, creating an exclusive impression.
  12. Shafiyah: Portrays integrity and wisdom.
  13. Salsiah: Conveys gentleness and tenderness.
  14. Saffana: A name with the strength of a flower.
  15. Shireena: Radiates happiness.
  16. Safwana: Signifying safety and protection.
  17. Syahirah: Reflects grandeur.
  18. Salliza: Depicts true beauty.
  19. Syanida: A unique and impressive name.
  20. Suraiya: Describes a bright shining star.
  21. Syafana: Refers to beautiful flowers.
  22. Shafia: Meaning honesty and kindness.
  23. Samaira: Full of spirit and cheerfulness.
  24. Salsafa: Signifying snowflakes.
  25. Shazaia: A name with unbeatable charm.

Aesthetic Baby Girl Names Starting with "S"

If you're looking for names that have an extraordinary aesthetic and beauty, here are 25 baby girl names starting with the letter "S" that exude aesthetic charm:

  1. Suvira: Meaning very beautiful.
  2. Salinas: Portrays the elegance of nature.
  3. Seraphina: Reminds of angels.
  4. Sahira: Refers to cheerfulness.
  5. Salara: Signifying moonlight.
  6. Shalindra: A beautiful blend of sound and meaning.
  7. Sylvianna: Meaning green and beautiful forest.
  8. Sairastra: Describes the enchanting universe.
  9. Soliana: Reflects the rising sun.
  10. Silfania: Meaning sparkling jewelry.
  11. Suryalestari: A beautiful combination of sun and eternity.
  12. Salsalina: Depicts the shimmering sea.
  13. Shalaniya: Signifies beautiful art.
  14. Suyandra: Describes the beauty of light.
  15. Sarena: A name as captivating as a desert.
  16. Sabriela: A beautiful combination of patience and angel.
  17. Serinda: Reflects peace.
  18. Suliana: Meaning beautiful and shining moon.
  19. Shafiaza: A name with captivating charm.
  20. Selvanira: Portrays a beautiful forest.
  21. Suryalina: Meaning captivating sunlight.
  22. Sylvaria: Refers to a lush green forest.
  23. Shalimarika: Describes beauty like a garden.
  24. Surayana: Signifies a bright shining sun.
  25. Silfira: Exudes the charm of jewelry.

Sanskrit Baby Girl Names Starting with "S"

Sanskrit is a classical language rich in meaning and history. Here are 25 baby girl names starting with the letter "S" in Sanskrit:

  1. Sarasvati: Honoring the goddess of knowledge and arts.
  2. Surya: Meaning the sun, a source of light and life.
  3. Sita: Portrays purity and loyalty.
  4. Shanti: Refers to peace.
  5. Subhadra: Meaning a good and fortunate woman.
  6. Soma: Describes the moon god.
  7. Saranya: Signifies protection and help.
  8. Samudra: Meaning ocean, vast and deep.
  9. Sindhura: A name meaning red like a bud.
  10. Sachi: Honoring the wife of the god Indra.
  11. Surabhi: Signifying a fragrant aroma.
  12. Suvrata: A name that describes one with good vows.
  13. Sutara: Portrays a bright star.
  14. Shabala: Meaning power and strength.
  15. Shraddha: Reflects faith.
  16. Sajala: Signifying clear and pure water.
  17. Sumitra: A name referring to the mother of two sons.
  18. Shailaja: Describes a daughter of the mountains.
  19. Suryani: Meaning a woman shining like the sun.
  20. Sushila: Portrays kindness of heart.
  21. Shashi: Meaning moon, full of nighttime beauty.
  22. Sampriti: A name referring to love and affection.
  23. Suvika: Signifying precious jewelry.
  24. Siddhika: Describes wisdom.
  25. Swadharma: Honoring the path of righteousness.

Islamic Baby Girl Names Starting with "S"

If you want to give a name with strong Islamic values, here are 25 baby girl names starting with the letter "S" that have deep Islamic meanings:

  1. Salma: Meaning safe and secure.
  2. Safiyyah: A name signifying purity and innocence.
  3. Sumayyah: Portrays a woman of high dignity.
  4. Siti: Refers to a daughter.
  5. Saida: Meaning happy and joyful.
  6. Shafia: A name describing honesty.
  7. Salsabila: Signifying the springs of paradise.
  8. Safira: A name meaning diamond.
  9. Sufia: Portrays wisdom.
  10. Sana: Meaning happiness and peace.
  11. Shafira: A name that reflects sincerity of heart.
  12. Saliha: Signifying a righteous and good woman.
  13. Suhayla: A name referring to a star.
  14. Sariyah: Meaning a strong warrior.
  15. Samiha: Describes a generous person.
  16. Samira: Signifies a refreshing breeze.
  17. Saba: Meaning a beautiful morning.
  18. Shadha: A name reflecting a fragrant aroma.
  19. Shadiyah: Signifying a happy woman.
  20. Syifa: Describes healing and goodness.
  21. Salimah: A name meaning safe and peaceful.
  22. Saima: Signifying fasting as an act of worship.
  23. Suraya: Meaning the sun.
  24. Shahrina: A name referring to a leading queen.
  25. Sitiara: Signifies a precious woman.

Three-Word Baby Girl Names Starting with "S"

If you're looking for longer names with three words, here are 25 baby girl names starting with the letter "S" that consist of three words:

  1. Salsabila Safira Maharani
  2. Syarifah Shafira Wulan
  3. Shalimarika Sulis Mustika
  4. Seraphina Sitiara Safira
  5. Suvira Suryalestari Syifa
  6. Sariyah Samira Salsafa
  7. Samudra Sarijah Shabala
  8. Siti Saida Sitiara
  9. Salsalina Surabhi Syakira
  10. Suvika Sahira Shafiaza
  11. Silfira Subhadra Soma
  12. Sarasvati Selvanira Siddhika
  13. Sampriti Suryani Sirena
  14. Sutara Safwana Sumitra
  15. Shanti Shireena Shalina

With so many beautiful options for names starting with the letter "S," you can choose the one that best suits your family's tastes and values. Remember that a name is a gift you give to your daughter, and choosing it with your heart is the right step on your journey as loving parents.

Making the decision about your baby girl's name is a historic moment that will be remembered for a lifetime. We hope the list of names we've provided above helps you in finding a special and meaningful name for the little one who will soon enter this world.

As parents, remember that your love and care are the most precious things in shaping your child's personality and future. Congratulations on choosing a name and enjoy the journey of being loving parents.

Nama bayi




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