Optimize your child's development with the Montessori Method, how do you do it?

Optimize your child's development with the Montessori Method, how do you do it?

written by : MAKUKU - 8 Jun 2023

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Sitting still to listen to a lesson may have become an outdated method. That's why an Italian doctor and educator, Maria Montessori, introduced a 'new way of learning' to optimize child development in the early 20th century.

The learning method was named after her, Montessori. This method, which targets preschool children, gives children the freedom to learn the way they want, Moms. Games, tools, and imagination are specifically designed to encourage children to hone fine motor skills to complex logical abilities.

"(Montessori) hones the child's ability to make decisions and take responsibility for the lessons they choose," says a clinical education assistant at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kristin Papoi, as reported by Parents.

The Montessori method will basically give children the freedom to choose the areas they like. Some of the areas that are focused on are diverse, such as practical life, sensorial, math, language, and cultural studies, Moms. When the child has mastered an area, the teachers will usually invite the child to try other areas.

Benefits of Montessori for Child Development

In a journal published by Frontiers in Psychology, it is stated that Montessori has many advantages over traditional education methods. Especially in matters related to children's psychological health, Moms.

People who go to school with the Montessori method tend to be happier, have good work performance, and can build more positive social relationships. The study also mentioned that the longer a person receives the Montessori method, the higher their level of well-being.

Because children can choose their own field of interest, Montessori is expected to make your child a more independent person. So that in the future, he can also be responsible for the things he has chosen in life.

Implementing Montessori at Home

Moms, the Montessori method cannot only be done at school. You can also utilize rooms in the house to create the environment needed to implement Montessori.

For example, the bedroom by utilizing the clothes drawer. Choose a drawer that the child can reach, then arrange the clothes by type or color. After bathing, ask your child to choose the clothes they want to wear.

As they get older, they will understand the types of clothes that are suitable for certain situations and seasons.

In the Montessori approach, parents are encouraged to change their child's toys or books every few weeks. The goal is to keep their curiosity aroused and prevent boredom, Moms.

You can also take advantage of items at home, such as training children to use cutlery with bowls and playdough, inviting children to learn to clip clothespins, or inviting children to learn to recognize colors with green beans or rice that are given food coloring. While playing, don't forget to train your child's concentration so that they can focus on the lesson.

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