2 Months Baby Development, What Can Your Little One Do?

2 Months Baby Development, What Can You Do, Little One?

written by : MAKUKU - 24 Oct 2022

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Moms must be curious, right, about what abilities a 2-month-old baby already has. You need to know, it turns out that the development of a 2-month-old baby is significant enough that the child already has a certain number of abilities, although not yet perfect. 

Well, here we will describe a number of baby developments in the first 2 months which we have summarized below. 

1. Clearer Seeing Ability 

At the age of 2 months, your little one can see clearly. They could already see the color difference around. In addition, they can also distinguish primary, such as red, blue, and yellow. 

The age of 2 months has also opened up your little one's ability to see objects that have complex designs or details. That means the ability of vision develops very significantly when entered at this age. 

2. Already Can Recognize Voices Clearly 

Children who are 2 months old also have good hearing abilities. They can already distinguish various sounds that are familiar to their ears, for example, the voices of their family, be it father, mother, brother, or other relatives. 

Moms can start inviting their little ones to tell stories or tell their little ones what is being done. Moms don't need to hesitate to tell it because basically, they can already hear and also recognize your voice. 

3. Able to Lift the Head 

At this age, your little one can also lift their head during tummy time. The movement of lifting the head is very important to be trained, the goal is to make the little one stronger so that the little one can maintain the position of his head. 

The process of lifting their heads is also an equally important part because the process of lifting their heads is the first part of them to learn to sit. 

4. Able to recognize the faces of the closest people 

Good vision ability allows your little one to recognize the faces of the people around him. They can already distinguish the faces of the father, mother, and siblings. 

However, every child has a difference in accepting new people, some are able to accept them right away, and some are still awkward with new people, making them cry. 

5. Can You Put Your Hands In Your Mouth? 

The habit of putting your hand in your baby's mouth is a reflex. For example, sucking fingers or thumbs is common for babies who are only 2 months old. 

Moms don't need to forbid their little ones and also don't need to worry if they often do this habit. The reason is, this is a way for your little one to make himself comfortable. 

6. Motor Ability of 2 Months Old Baby 

Gross motor skills in babies who are only two months old are also developing. At this age, your little one can move actively. In addition, they are also interested in toys that are bright and flashy in color. 

7. Fine Motor Ability of 2 Months Old Baby 

In addition to gross motor skills, your child's fine motor skills are also developing. For example, your child will like to pay attention to someone's face, flashy or interesting toys, objects, pictures, and bright colors. 

At this age, moms can bring faces, pictures, or toys close to the little one's face so he can pay attention and see it too. 

That's the various developments of a 2-month baby that you need to know. At this age, your little one still needs a diaper that makes him comfortable. Choose MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care. Why should you choose MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care? Here's why:  

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Come on, use MAKUKU right now! 






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