Have a Navel Cut Shape, This is the Mainstay of Newborn Diapers

Have a Navel Cut Shape, This is the Mainstay of Newborn Diapers

written by : MAKUKU - 24 Mar 2022

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Every mother who has just given birth certainly wants to provide the best diapers for her baby. The need for diapers for newborns or newborns is definitely different from babies who are already a few months old. The recommended diapers for newborns are diapers that have an umbilical cut or "U" shaped design such as the Belly Button U-Shape fütur on all MAKUKU SAP Diapers variants.

When does a baby's umbilical cord fall off?

Most babies have umbilical butts or pieces of umbilical cord still attached to their belly button. After the baby is born, the doctor will tie the baby's umbilical cord 24-28 after birth. The umbilical cord blood flow will stop and the umbilical cord butts will slowly turn black, harden and dry. It may be painful for the baby and easily irritated during the first weeks of life. Usually the umbilical cord will fall off completely after many weeks.

Why Use Diapers with U-Shape Belly Button?

If using diapers that do not have a belly button cutout, parents have to fold in front of the front and put on the child under the navel area. For this reason, diapers with a belly button cutout design are perfect for newborns.

For this reason, MAKUKU SAP Diapers specializing in newborn products presents a "U" shaped design diaper called Belly Button U-Shape. MAKUKU SAP Diapers for newborns has a "U" shaped center cutout to reduce friction with the umbilical cord, protecting and avoiding the baby's sensitive umbilical cord area.

In addition, there are other things to consider in choosing diapers for newborns, such as the type of diaper for newborns, diaper material that is suitable for sensitive baby skin, size and features that can make it easier for parents to change baby diapers. MAKUKU SAP Diapers use SAP core structure or super absorbent polymer. So that the diapers are anti-clump, super thin super absorbent, babies will be more comfortable using a thin diaper because it will not inhibit the baby in moving and make the baby comfortable in activities.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers are able to lock liquid optimally, anti-leak side and heat press which is easier to tear when changing diapers. For its absorbency, there is no need to doubt. MAKUKU SAP Diapers have high absorbency, even absorption and fast spreading. There is a 3D surface on the diaper, has two-way air circulation making the surface of the diaper drier. This is why MAKUKU SAP Diapers are very skin-friendly reducing contact and friction, reducing irritation and baby diaper rash.

First U-Shape Belly Button Award in Indonesia

The belly button u-shape feature found in all MAKUKU SAP Diapers variants was awarded as the "First diaper in Indonesia with Special Newborn U-shape Belly Button Feature" from TRAS N CO at the Indonesia Maternity, Baby & Kids Expo (IMBEX 2023) on December 1-3, 2023 at the Jakarta Convention Center Senayan, Jakarta.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers can be purchased online and offline by Mommy and Daddy. (Aq/MKK)













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