Realizing the Dreams of the Little One, What Should Parents Do?

written by : MAKUKU - 25 Oct 2021

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Every child certainly has goals or dreams that they want to achieve. Coinciding with the momentum of World Doctor's Day, October 24, 2021, the medical profession is certainly one of children's favorite goals that will never go out of style.

Several other professions such as teacher, pilot or singer are also favorite ideals for children. Or most recently, celebrities and YouTubers are also the dreams of the little ones considering the massive use of gadgets.

Well, what about the little one at home? Do you already have goals, Moms? Regardless of whatever ideals your little one has, your role as parents is to provide wholehearted support.

Moms and Daddy shouldn't give up on their children's dreams even if their goals sound a little overwhelming. Who knows, your little one's dream of becoming a doctor, teacher astronaut or soccer player can come true in the future. Moms & Dads are encouraged not to limit children's interests and imagination but still provide guidance.

Here are the forms of support that parents do in supporting their children's goals:

1. Recognize the Child's Potential

Take Moms & Dads time to talk a lot with your little one. Accompany your little one as he plays and discover what abilities your little one has.

In between playing time, insert questions like "Child, what do you want to be in the future?" or "When you grow up, what do you want to be?". If your little one already has a dream, tell him about the profession he wants. Parents can also play a short video about the profession so that the little one is more motivated. Don't forget to give a positive response so your little one feels appreciated and supported.

2. Provide Supporting Facilities

If your little one has a dream of becoming a doctor, parents can get around this by giving him doctor picture books or medical device toys. When they get older, parents can introduce the world of medicine through films, take them to a practice, laboratory or take part in certain tutoring activities.

Another example if your little one has a dream to become a soccer player, Dads must be on standby to accompany him to watch a football game and buy shoes on his birthday.

3. Be a Good Example

Children are a reflection of the form of parenting. That's why, Parents must provide good role models for children in living life. There are several attitudes that parents must instill to realize their goals, such as hard work, enthusiasm, positive thinking, responsibility and never giving up.

4. Don't Force Children

Children have their own point of view in looking at their lives. If you like one thing, it doesn't mean that the same thing will happen to your little one. Likewise with ideals, never equate the perception of Moms with the Little One.

Let your little one have dreams without having to follow the wishes of their parents for their future plans. All parents want to give the best for their child. Mom's job is to support, supervise and accompany your little one when he fails, not to determine which is the best ideal for your little one.

In addition to support, parents must also provide guidance to children in realizing their dreams. Although in the end it may change, having goals or dreams turns out to be useful for the growth and development of your little one.

First, the child will feel motivated to achieve something he wants. Second, children will get used to learning new things in order to achieve their dreams. Finally, having a dream will also foster an understanding of the concept of business and hard work from an early age and provide opportunities to face problems when they grow up.

So, are you ready to support your little one's dreams? Together with Makuku Family, let's provide the best parenting for your beloved baby. Follow our social media to get interesting information along with the latest articles related to the world of parenting. As a mother and child consultant, Makuku Family is ready to support the growth and development of your little one through various quality baby support products and free parenting consulting services with doctors and experts in their fields. So, invite your little one to visit the nearest Makuku Store to get the most enjoyable shopping experience.




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