MAKUKU Starts the SAP Era Comes with the Latest Innovations

MAKUKU Starts the SAP Era Comes with the Latest Innovations

written by : Makuku Family - 25 Feb 2022

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Many brands of diapers are sold in the market, but the best choice is a diaper that cares about the needs of parents, especially their little ones. MAKUKU Air Diapers, which always innovates according to your little one's needs based on international research and development, will again launch an innovative product.

Start the SAP Era with MAKUKU Air Diapers, the latest innovation from MAKUKU that brings greatness SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) Core Structure. SAP is a hydrophilic polymer that has the ability to absorb liquids up to more than 100 times its own weight. However, MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim also comes with new innovations and technologies. Curious what are the advantages of the newest MAKUKU Air Diapers? Come on, see the following review.

Anti-Clumping, Comfortable and No Leaking

Air Diapers are the latest generation of diapers that use a SAP structure core with good absorption. The advantages of the newest MAKUKU Air Diapers are that it does not clump, absorbs evenly, quickly and has high absorption.

The latest MAKUKU diapers use SAP core structure which after vibration simulation test, can maintain the original structure. Whereas in another product, which uses the pulp core structure, after the vibration simulation test, the absorption core results in agglomeration, disintegration, and shifting in the middle.

Locks Liquids Well, Surface becomes drier

Baby diapers often leak which causes parents to be picky in buying diapers. The latest MAKUKU diapers use a SAP structure core that is able to lock the liquid that enters the diaper so it doesn't make the surface of the diaper wet or leak. SAP can lock liquid water under pressure, temperature, and environmental PH. So, the liquid will not come out and keep the surface of the diaper dry.

Thin 1.6 mm, Light & Happy All Day

A thick diaper does not necessarily have a large and good absorption. Thick diapers are also able to inhibit the development of the baby because the baby's bottom feels like something is stuck, especially if it is full it will feel heavy. The newest MAKUKU diaper using the SAP structure core material makes the diaper very thin at only 1.6 mm and light. Babies will be more comfortable using a thin diaper because it will not hinder the baby in moving and make the baby comfortable with activities.

3D Structure

MAKUKU's newest diaper has a 3D or hexagonal surface. The surface of this 3D structure is very skin friendly, so it reduces contact with your little one's skin. It also reduces moisture and keeps the diaper surface extra dry and urine absorbs faster.

The Air Circulation

new MAKUKU Air Diapers have a two-way air circulation with 100,000 micropores per square meter. The importance of diapers with good air circulation can expel moist air after urine has wet the surface and allow fresh air to enter. And this breathable surface can reduce heat, is anti-hot, the bottom is not easy to leak and which can definitely reduce the occurrence of red rashes.

Urine Indicator Urine

indicator makes it easy for parents to know whether the baby's diaper is full or not. The urine indicator feature on the new MAKUKU Air Diapers is yellow which will turn blue when the diaper is full. So, this urine indicator serves as a reminder to change diapers and reduce the occurrence of red rashes.

Shaped "U" Shape Special For Newborn

Newborns do require extra care. Caring for the umbilical cord must really be considered clean because it is very susceptible to triggering infection. Especially regarding the diaper waistband, which is feared to hit the umbilical cord. Where when your little one uses a diaper, the diaper waistband will automatically hit the umbilical cord.

But Mommy and Daddy don't have to worry about that anymore. The latest MAKUKU Air Diapers, the NB type, are specially designed for newborns. The front of the diaper is "U" shaped to reduce friction with the baby's umbilical cord and protect the newborn's umbilical cord. Even Mommy will find it easier to maintain the health of the umbilical cord.

Disposal tape This disposal

tape makes it easy for parents to dispose of diapers. So that the dirt on the diaper can be wrapped properly and not messy. So, parents don't have to bother anymore when disposing of used diapers.

Heat-Press Side

This heat-press side is a feature that connects the two sides of the edge using ultrasonic or thermo-compression tools and does not use glue. So that the latest MAKUKU Air Diapers are easier to tear when changing diapers, elastic rubber that does not break easily, is softer and reduces skin irritation for your little one.

MAKUKU side-leak-proof

Air Diapers are side-leak-proof with the core side not fully attached to the undercoat. Located on the sides and in the middle of the undercoat. Rounded edges will make your little one more comfortable. With this feature, the new MAKUKU Air Diapers can also reduce side leakage, reducing all kinds of problems caused by side leakage. In addition, it has more absorption area for non-absorbable liquids and has the ability to absorb twice.

You can get MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim at offline stores Transmart, Diamond, Food Hall, Market City, Grand Lucky, Hero, Hypermart, Raja Susu, AEON and 26 MAKUKU Family Stores throughout Java. And Moms can also make purchases online at Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, BliBli and MAKUKU Official Store. (Aq/MKK)




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