More Sensitive Come on! These Characteristics of Diaper Rash Will Get Rid

More Sensitive Come on! These Characteristics of Diaper Rash Will Get Rid

written by : MAKUKU - 16 Sep 2022

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Even though parents have kept the genital area clean and routinely changed diapers, sometimes diaper rash can also occur. Diaper rash is a common skin problem in newborns to toddlers. The problem of diaper rash in babies requires special care so that the condition does not get worse. It doesn't always require medical attention, if treated properly diaper rash can improve. For that, mom and dad should be more sensitive to the signs of diaper rash that show it will heal.

The cause of diaper rash that is rarely realized by parents is the habit of letting your little one use a diaper full of urine for too long. There is friction between the diaper and the baby's thin skin. As well as the presence of fungal infections, bacteria, and allergic reactions in diapers. The risk of diaper rash also increases in babies between the ages of 9 and 12 months. The older the child, the more frequent he will urinate. Your little one is also prone to diaper rash when starting solid food or eating solid food and the baby is still breastfeeding.

The symptoms of diaper rash are generally a red rash on the baby's buttocks. His skin is red and itchy. In severe cases, symptoms include fever, blisters, peeling, and a widespread rash. Diaper rash will usually heal in 3-5 days after using the diaper more often than before. If the diaper rash persists for more than this time, it is likely that the diaper rash is due to a fungal or bacterial infection.

Here, Mom and Dad, the characteristics of your little one's diaper rash will heal

Besides knowing what the causes of diaper rash are and what the symptoms are, mom and dad also need to know the characteristics of diaper rash that will heal to recover quickly. The following characteristics of diaper rash will heal:

Red spots on your baby's skin begin to fade

Symptoms of diaper rash are red spots on your baby's skin. These red spots appear in the area around the buttocks and areas of skin covered by the diaper. Symptoms of diaper rash on the way to healing are the red spots on the skin starting to fade. Where if the condition of your baby's skin remains dry and not moist, it can speed up the healing process. Mom and Dad can change your baby's diaper more often without having to wait for the diaper to be full and moist.

redness of the rash gradually subsides

The red spots that appear during diaper rash are accompanied by reddened skin around the rash. The early symptoms of diaper rash are usually marked by the appearance of redness on the baby's skin. So, if the redness of this skin rash slowly subsides, it's a sign that your little one's diaper rash will get better soon. However, if the redness of the diaper rash occurs for more than 3 days accompanied by other symptoms that make your little one look uncomfortable, mom and dad should check your little one's condition with the doctor.

skin is smooth again

Babies have thin, soft, and smooth skin. However, the smoothness of your baby's skin can be disturbed when diaper rash hits. After a few days of getting the rash and starting to get better, your little one's skin will be smooth again. How to find out is enough to gently touch the skin of the little one. Make sure mom and dad's hands are clean when touching your little one's skin. After your little one's skin returns to normal and smooth as before, keep your little one's skin dry by changing diapers regularly.

Your little one is no longer fussy

The rash can cause itching and discomfort in your little one. No wonder when your little one has a rash he will be more fussy than usual. But, once the diaper rash improves and symptoms begin to subside, it can make your little one a little more comfortable so that the little one will not be fussy anymore. Mom and Dad will feel calmer to see your little one happy again.

Types of diapers that are effective in reducing diaper rash

Today many parents prefer to use disposable diapers for their children. Because it is considered more practical and easy to carry everywhere. Using disposable diapers means that you have to pay extra attention to the condition of the diaper while it is used by your little one. In addition, make sure mom and dad choose diapers made of good quality materials. Fiber has features that can support the health of your little one's skin.

One of the diapers recommended by experts is MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim. diaper MAKUKU is the first diaper pioneer with the new technology of SAP core structure or super absorbent polymer and the first in Indonesia. This SAP core structure makes MAKUKU diapers lump-free, super thin, and extra dry. Diapers MAKUKU are ideal for maintaining the health of your little one because they are effective in reducing diaper rash. These MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim are designed to prevent leakage with additional features such as a hollow surface and 3D structure, bidirectional circulation, and urine indicator.

Even for newborns, MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim has the advantage of a U Shape shape. The U shape on the front of the diaper waistband is curved so that it will not hit the umbilical cord of a newborn who has not yet fallen off. So, the U shape in MAKUKU SAP Diapers can help parents, especially new parents, take care of newborns' umbilical cords.

After getting a positive response from MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim, MAKUKU continues to innovate to improve product quality. Shortly, MAKUKU plans to release such a soft diaper. diapers MAKUKU will also feature features that other diapers have never had.

So, if you're afraid of diaper rash, use MAKUKU. For moms and dads who are curious about the MAKUKU, don't forget to follow Instagram @makuku.indonesia.official and the website. (Aq/MKK)












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