Chelsea Olivia, Nikita Willy and Jessica Iskandar open up about their children, talk about anything?

Chelsea Olivia, Nikita Willy and Jessica Iskandar open up about their children, talk about anything?

written by : MAKUKU - 9 Dec 2022

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Who doesn't get dizzy when their child is fussy because of diaper rash? Parents will certainly give their best in choosing diapers to avoid diaper rash problems. But choosing the right diaper for your little one is not an easy matter, some even have to change it many times to find the right one. Because anyone can experience diaper rash, celebrity moms Chelsea Olivia, Nikita Willy and Jessica Iskandar will open up about their children's secrets. They will share experiences and tips on choosing the right diaper for your little one.     

Diaper rash is a common problem in babies under one year of age. Symptoms of diaper rash are characterized by irritation and inflammation of the baby's skin. Diaper rash is generally harmless but can be uncomfortable and painful. If left alone diaper rash can cause a more severe infection.

Chelsea Olivia, mother of two children, entrusts MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim for her second son, Dante Oliver.diapers MAKUKU that are anti-clump can help her in supporting Dante's growth and development.

“Since it first arrived in Indonesia, MAKUKU SAP Diapers have become my favorite choice of diapers. Because MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim is anti-clot, thank you MAKUKU for presenting the diaper innovation with the first SAP core structure technology in Indonesia. I am even more confident about choosing MAKUKU to accompany Dante in his growth and development," said Chelsea Olivia.

In line with Chelsea Olivia, Nikita Willy, who has just become the mother of Issa Xander Djokosoetono, also known as Baby Izz, is also not careless in choosing diapers. Previously, Nikita Willy found out a lot about the ideal diaper for Baby Izz. Starting from the material, quality and benefits of the advantages of these diapers. She wants her first experience of being a mother to be more valuable by providing the best diapers.

“After I heard about MAKUKU's SAP, I'm 100% sure this is the best choice for my baby. Because Super Absorbent Polymer is an innovation in the diaper industry that has the best absorption power.diapers MAKUKU last longer dry and are anti-clog. Anyway, I want the best for my first heart and I choose MAKUKU, "admitted Nikita Willy.

Meanwhile, Jessica Iskandar and her husband are always together in taking care of Baby Don Azaiah Jan Verhaag. Not wanting her child to have diaper rash, Jessica chose MAKUKU which are proven to be effective in reducing diaper rash. In this way, she and her husband were greatly assisted in taking care of Baby Don.

“My husband and I always try to give the best for my children. For this reason, Vincent and I have entrusted MAKUKU Air Diapers with a core structure of SAP that is proven to be anti-clot. So it effectively protects against diaper rash. I am very happy because I have found the best quality diapers," said Jessica Iskandar.

Chelsea Olivia, Nikita Willy and Jessica Iskandar will appear together on TikTok Live MAKUKU Indonesia

In the context of MAKUKU 12.12 Live Shopping, MAKUKU will educate mothers in Indonesia about diaper rash with Chelsea Olivia, Nikita Willy, Jessica Iskandar. Apart from that, MAKUKU also invited dr. Marlisye Marpaung as a child development consultant at RSIA Bina Medika Bintaro with Fiona Anthony.

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