Beware of Various Diseases During the Rainy Season in Children

Beware of Various Diseases During the Rainy Season in Children

written by : MAKUKU - 23 Nov 2022

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Does your little one like to play in the rain? Children really like playing in the water especially playing in the rain. But there are bad effects from playing in the rain and your little one is not recommended to play in the rain. Especially during the rainy season many diseases that stalk children. That's why every rainy season parents have to be aware of various health problems in children.

 pediatrician consultant MAKUKU , dr. Andreas, revealed the reason why when the rainy season arrives, children are more susceptible to various diseases. He said that the humid air when it rains can make it easy for bacteria and germs to breed.

 "Very fast changes in weather can make it easy for bacteria to multiply and children become more sick during the rainy season," explained dr. Andreas on October 17, 2022.

 Dr. Andreas also mentioned that there are several diseases that are common among children during the rainy season. Considering that during the rainy season, children's immune systems decrease and they are more susceptible to disease. The following is a list of diseases and their causes that children should watch out for during the rainy season:

 Respiratory tract

 infections Respiratory tract infections or ARI is one of the most common complaints of illnesses in children during the rainy and transition seasons. This respiratory tract infection usually occurs in the throat, larynx, nasal passages and trachea. Symptoms of this respiratory tract infection include coughing and runny nose.


Changes in temperature allow more bacteria to grow and can make it easier to contaminate food as well. The danger is that if this contaminated food is consumed by children, it can cause diarrhea. indications of diarrhea in your little one are defecation more than 3 times a day, the consistency of the stool tends to be soft and runny and there is a change in the color of the stool.


The impact of the rainy season is a fever that appears without a cause. Because during the rainy season changes in temperature and weather are fast and can interfere with your little one's immune system. In addition, be aware of dengue fever (DHF). If the fever lasts more than 3 days, you should immediately check your little one's condition to the doctor.

Skin Diseases

Various skin diseases also often appear during the rainy season. Due to the humid conditions, bacteria and germs during the rainy season can damage the skin and personal hygiene is not maintained, the risk of skin disease increases. skin diseases during the rainy season are prickly heat, nail infections, ringworm, red skin, athlete's foot and others.

Rainy Season Can Increase Urine Volume

According to dr. Andreas during the rainy season can affect the volume of urine in children. Because during the rainy season the body and cold weather, the blood circulation will be faster. So that kidney production increases and makes children pee or urinate frequently. When the weather is cold, the body rarely sweats and the body doesn't need as much fluids as in the rainy season.

For children who still use diapers, of course this is a concern for parents. Where the frequency of changing diapers will become more frequent and your little one will urinate frequently. For this reason, moms and dads need diapers with high absorption, able to lock the liquid to the maximum so that the surface of the diaper is not wet and the skin's moisture is maintained. When skin moisture is maintained, it can reduce the risk of diaper rash.

MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim Has High Absorbency which Effectively Reduces Diaper Rash

During the rainy season, a child's urine volume will increase which increases the risk of leaky diapers and skin diseases such as diaper rash. With diapers that use the core structure of SAP or Super Absorbent Polymer, you can prevent diapers from leaking. Because the liquid can absorb evenly and quickly. The SAP structure core powder in the diaper will turn into crystals when it absorbs liquid so that it can lock the liquid properly. The diaper surface remains dry, does not seep and prevents leakage.

In addition, MAKUKU also effective in reducing diaper rash. Where diaper rash is usually caused by a moist diaper surface and contact with your little one's skin for too long. So, when using MAKUKU mom and dad don't have to worry anymore about complaints of diaper leaks and diaper rash.diapers MAKUKU available in 4 series namely MAKUKU SAP Diapers Slim, MAKUKU SAP Diapers Comfort, MAKUKU SAP Diapers Pro Care and MAKUKU SAP Diapers Balance Care. 

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