Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Diet for Families a la Vibrie VB

written by : Makuku Family - 25 Feb 2022

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Having a busy life as a career woman is no reason for Mommy to maintain a healthy food menu for her little one. No exception for Mom Influencer and Vlogger Vibriyanti or familiarly known as Vibrie VB who has accurate tips in managing the family's diet.

For those who don't know, Vibrie is a Mom Influencer who actively shares parenting info on social media @vibrievb. In addition, Vibrie is also a Mompreneur, Pharmacist and a resource person in various talk shows.

Vibrie said, managing time is the main key to success so that the task of being a mother and career does not fall apart. This mother of two children applies a timeline system like at work, where she has set a schedule that must be done at one time.

For example, Vibrie always writes down the activities she wants to do the next day every night before going to bed. Vibrie continued that managing time was not easy, especially if it only relied on memory.

"So we have to make a priority scale, today what do we want to do. I'm the type of person who journals, so it's been arranged tomorrow what I want to do, even before I have two children, I have arranged what activities to do for the next week," said Vibrie Vb in the Global Radio Talkshow with Makuku Indonesia entitled You are What You Eat, Thursday, February 24, 2022.

In maintaining a healthy diet, Vibrie advises Moms and Dads to maintain consistency in providing a healthy menu. Second, parents must have a creative way of preparing healthy food from the ingredients, how to process it, to how to serve it to children. He gave an example, how to cook food should not be too overcooked because it can damage the vitamin content in the food.

"The most challenging thing is the food preparation and our consistency to be able to prepare healthy food every day. Don't just get excited at the beginning in introducing healthy food as a baby," he added.

 Third, continued Vibrie, parents must always learn and update information, especially healthy food and introduce it to children. This needs to be done so that your little one does not experience a picky eater or picky eater.

Vibrie said that immunity is the most important factor that can be maintained from within the body and comes from nutritional intake. For this reason, the introduction of nutritious food must be fostered from the start, starting with solid food.

Fourth, Mommy must also be able to influence the little one to try different types of healthy food.

"I give the food as well as possible. I have to start the day well. Start well, breakfast is a must. The function of breakfast is to balance your mood," he added.

In addition to healthy food, diaper selection is also important in supporting children's growth and development. Especially if your little one has sensitive skin problems, so parents have to be extra selective in choosing diapers.

Makuku Indonesia Brand Representative Ravena Pringga said that choosing a diaper should be adjusted to weight, not age. In addition, the choice of diaper material must also be considered which certainly does not cause irritation.

"Makuku Air Diapers come with a SAP core structure which has the advantages of anti-clotting, extra dry and super thin. The surface of the diaper is also made as soft as the touch of the mother's palm so it is safe for baby's sensitive skin," said Ravena.

So, has Mommy found the right diaper to support your little one's growth and development? (RR/MKK)


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