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written by : Makuku Family - 21 Feb 2022

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Cancer Day is celebrated every February 15, 2022. Children's Cancer Day is celebrated as a form of support for sufferers while at the same time increasing awareness of the dangers of the disease.

As a mother and child brand, Makuku Indonesia held a Talkshow with V Radio entitled Better Survival #throughYourhands, Thursday 17 February 2022. This talkshow is expected to provide education to parents, especially in preventing cancer from an early age.

Hospital Pediatrician. Carolus Salemba dr. Catur Sapariyanto, SpA said that the 'seeds' of cancer already exist in every human body called oncogenes. He continued, this oncogene can be triggered by several things that trigger cancer.

According to him, cancer in children and adults is not the same. The cause of cancer in children is unknown but many factors increase the risk of the disease.

"For example, congenital disease, the influence of chemical drugs during pregnancy, prolonged infection, living in a voltage that is too high, pesticides can trigger the growth of cancer," said dr. Chess in the V Morning Show with Makuku, Thursday 17 February 2022.

dr. Catur said that the prevention efforts that parents can do against the risk of the emergence of this disease are by applying CERDIK. For parents who don't understand, Cerdik is part of the Ministry of Health's campaign to minimize the occurrence of disease, especially in children.

CERDIK is an acronym for Periodic Health Checks, Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke, Diligent Physical Activities/Sports, Healthy and Balanced Diet, Get Enough Rest and Manage Stress.

Although the cause of cancer is not known, continued dr. Chess, there are some symptoms of cancer in your little one that you can pay attention to. The most common cancer cases in children under 5 years of age are eyeball cancer.

"For example, prolonged fever, easy bleeding, easy fever but no known cause, weight loss but good appetite, lumps in various bodies. For example in the direction of brain cancer, seizures and loss of consciousness. If these symptoms occur, parents should immediately check with the doctor," explained dr. Chess.

On the same occasion, Makuku Brand Representative Holga Natasha said that Makuku also supports parents by providing consultation services with pediatricians for free. This consultation service allows parents to ask questions and get recommendations for action from experts in the health sector. It is possible for parents who want to ask questions about cancer in children.

In addition, Makuku also supports the growth and development of your little one with the presence of quality products, namely Makuku Air Diapers. As a pioneer of diapers with a SAP core structure in Indonesia, Makuku Air Diapers provide maximum comfort so that your little one can move freely without limit following their imagination.

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So, has Mommy determined the right product for your little one? (RR/MKK)


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