Valentine Global Radio Talkshow, Makuku Invites Parents to Show Love Language for their Little Ones

written by : Makuku Family - 17 Feb 2022

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Everyone has love language . The term love language was popularized by Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, explains that love languages ​​are behaviors that make you feel loved.

Not always to a partner, love language can also be done to friends, parents and children. That's why Makuku invites Mommy to show her 'love language' to the little one.

Moreover, still in Valentine's Day, Makuku Indonesia in collaboration with Global Radio held a talk show entitled What They Talk About When They Talk About Love? Thursday, February 17, 2022 via Zoom.

Mom Influencer Almiranti Fira said that Love language is important to do to increase bonding between two humans. Not limited to couples, Love Language can also be done on your favorite baby. In addition, knowing Love Language also plays a role in improving communication.

"Love languages ​​are very important because by expressing Love Language, we can strengthen our relationship with our children and partners," said Fira in the Global Radio talk show hosted by Basboi and Aji Sabha.

In Love Languages, there are five categories, namely Word of Affirmation (expressing love through beautiful words), Quality Time (prioritizing moments of togetherness), Receiving Gifts (giving gifts), Acts of Service (a form of loving through actions) and Physical Touch (touching). physique).

Regarding her love language, Almiranti Fira expressed it in a different way. To her closest friends, including spouses and friends, Fira chooses Receiving Gifts.

"When it comes to children, I'm very touchy. Because from time to time I want to hold the child together, I like to kiss. I also give affirmations to him too," added Almiranti.

Giving the Best for Your Little One

At the same time, Makuku Brand Representative Holga Natasha has her own way of showing the language of love. Out of the five love languages ​​described above, Holga considers that providing your little one with the best products is a way of showing love.

For example in terms of diaper selection, Moms and Dads should not buy carelessly. Don't just focus on cheap prices, good quality diapers will also affect the growth and development of your little one.

For this reason, Holga advises Parents to choose Makuku Air Diapers diapers that accompany their little one's growth and development.

As a pioneer of diapers with a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) core structure in Indonesia, Makuku Air Diapers have the ability to absorb quickly and evenly so they are NOT EASY TO LEAK, ANTI-BLACK and EXTRA DRY.

"Makuku Air Diapers don't clump because they absorb quickly and evenly so they don't clump on one side. Babies are no longer emotional, anti-rash, so the little one is calmer and the parents will be happier," Holga concluded.

So, what about Moms? Have you decided on the best product for your little one as a love language? (RR/ MKK)


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