Made from 7 Layers Design, MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim Super Thin

Made from 7 Layers Design, MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim Super Thin

written by : Makuku Family - 18 Mar 2022

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Committed to prioritizing the comfort and health of your little one, MAKUKU as the first diaper in Indonesia to use the SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) core structure will release its newest diaper, MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim. The latest innovation owned by MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim is made of seven layers of design from international technology.

By combining international science and technology, MAKUKU Air Diapers provide the best quality in meeting diaper needs for babies and convenience for parents. The seven layer designs that make MAKUKU Air Diapers superior to other diapers are as follows:

SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer)

Super Absorbent Polymer or SAP which is used as the core structure in MAKUKU Air Diapers comes from Japan. SAP is an absorbent and liquid-locking powder which makes the diaper anti-clot, high and even absorption, fast spread and reduce leakage. The core structure of the SAP MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim is proven to be anti-caking after vibration simulation tests and is able to maintain its original structure.

Whereas in other diapers that still use a mixture of SAP and the core structure of the pulp after the vibration simulation test, the core structure of the absorption results in the accumulation of substances but loses its integrity so that it is easy to shift and agglomerate.

Non-woven Sheet

Non-woven from Taiwan is used on the surface of the diaper as well as on the bottom of the diaper. Non-woven is divided into two, namely the surface (topsheet) using a hydrophilic non-woven where liquids can pass through the non-woven. While the base (backsheet) uses a hydrophobic non-woven where liquid cannot pass through the non-woven.

3M Tape

This 3M tape material is usually found in adhesive type diapers. This adhesive tape is useful for attaching or attaching diapers. The adhesive tape we use is 3M so it can be glued repeatedly. For 3M on MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim comes from Taiwan.

Front-waist Sealant

Material for attaching 3M adhesive to tape or adhesive diaper models. The front-waist sealant in MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim comes from America which is used to bond between diapers with adhesive tape.

Elastic Rubber Elastic

material is used at the waist or the side of the diaper. This elastic rubber from Korea can be stretched and flexible to follow the curves of the baby's body.

Bonding Glue

This material is used in almost all parts of the diaper. The glue material used in MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim is the glue of choice from America and Germany which is useful for gluing all diaper elements.

Disposal Tape

Tape or adhesive that locks after the diaper is rolled up before being thrown away. The waste tape on MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim makes it very easy for consumers to dispose of diapers by rolling the diapers. The drain tape material on these MAKUKU Air Diapers is from America.

The newest MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim product provides optimal function for diapers. so easy and comfortable for baby to wear all day long. With a design that has been adapted to the baby's needs, these MAKUKU Air Diapers have the advantage of being anti-clot, comfortable and not leaking, locking liquids with a maximum of the surface being drier and super thin with a thickness of 1.6 mm, lightweight and comfortable all day long.

MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim will be launched on March 17, 2022 online on the official MAKUKU account on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and at 18.30 WIB. Don't miss being a witness to the presence of sophisticated diapers that provide complete protection for your little one's skin. Also get a chance to win attractive prizes from MAKUKU. let's join us in starting the SAP era in Indonesia, with MAKUKU. (Aq/MKK)











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