Rows of Skin Problems Often Experienced by Babies and How to Overcome Them

Rows of Skin Problems Often Experienced by Babies and How to Overcome Them

written by : Makuku Family - 21 Jun 2022

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The baby's immune system is still not fully formed like adults. So babies are very susceptible to various diseases. One of the diseases that are often experienced by babies is skin problems. There are various types of baby skin problems that parents should be aware of.

In fact, since the newborn he is at high risk of developing skin conditions. Apart from having an immature immune system, skin diseases in babies are also susceptible to infection or skin irritation because the baby's skin is still thin, sensitive, hairless and has few sweat glands.

Most of these skin problems in babies will only last a short time. Usually, baby skin problems will improve on their own with time. However, there are also baby skin problems that last a lifetime and require medication. The following MAKUKU summarizes from various sources what skin problems are often experienced by babies:


Impetigo is a skin disease in infants caused by skin infections caused by staphylococcus bacteria. Impetigo is characterized by the appearance of a fluid-filled blister almost similar to smallpox. These sores appear on the face, especially the nose and mouth, in the folds of the hands and feet and spread to other parts of the body. However, these fluid-filled lumps can erupt and cause sores. This skin disease can be transmitted to other people.


It turns out that acne is not only experienced by adults, mom and dad. Your little one can also experience acne around the cheeks, nose and forehead area. Usually, this baby acne can appear starting from one month the baby is born and disappear by itself after 3-4 months. Mom and dad don't need to worry about this skin problem because it's not a serious disease. However, if the acne that appears does not improve, contact your doctor immediately.


Milia are small white bumps that usually appear on newborns or newborns. Milia can grow on parts of the face such as the nose, cheeks and under the eyes. The cause of milia appearing on baby's skin is due to the buildup of dead skin cells or keratin from the top layer of the skin. Mom and Dad don't need to worry, because milia is a skin problem in babies that is not dangerous and generally goes away on its own without special treatment. Milia will disappear within 2-3 weeks.


heat is a skin disease that often occurs in children. Prickly heat appears due to the small pores of the skin and the sweat glands that have not been fully formed. Signs of your little one experiencing prickly heat, visible red rashes in the folds of the skin or areas covered with clothing such as the neck, stomach, chest or buttocks. Mom and Dad can apply a special lotion to relieve the symptoms of prickly heat if your little one is fussier than usual.


There are two causes that make your child exposed to skin allergies. First, because the skin is in direct contact with and rubs againstthe allergy-triggering substance. Second, when your child's immune system reacts to allergens that enter the body and then releases histamine into the skin. To diagnose your child with allergies or not, there are several steps that must be carried out. According to IDAI, allergies are a condition of disorders of the immune system. In other words, allergies really can't be cured or eliminated. However, Mom and Dad can control the frequency of relapses and the severity of allergies by keeping your little one away from allergen triggers.

Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is the most common problem in babies that occurs in the buttocks or areas covered by diapers. Diaper rash symptoms are characterized by skin irritation, redness and an itching sensation. Although diaper rash is not a serious skin problem, if left untreated it can become a fungal or bacterial infection.

To overcome this, Mom and Dad must be careful in choosing the right diaper for your little one so that the health and comfort of the baby is maintained. Some things to consider are choosing the right diaper size according to the baby's weight, not age. Mom and Dad also have to recognize your little one's skin type, whether it's normal or sensitive.

Then, which is no less important is to recognize the features that diapers have. Choose a diaper that has high absorption, fast absorption, has a lot of capacity and has good air circulation, like the diaper variant from MAKUKU Air Diapers. With these features, the surface of the baby's diaper will remain dry and prevent moisture that causes diaper rash.

In addition, the diaper variant of MAKUKU Air Diapers uses a SAP or super absorbent polymer core structure. Using this new technology, MAKUKU diapers are anti-clot, super thin and last longer to dry and not leak, of course. MAKUKU diaper variants such as MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim and MAKUKU Air Diapers Comfort are the pioneers of diapers with full SAP core structure compared to other diapers in Indonesia.

MAKUKU Air Diapers Slim and MAKUKU Air Diapers Comfort can be purchased offline at MAKUKU Family Store, Raja Susu, Transmart, Diamond, Market City, Hapyy Fresh, Aeon Mall (Sentul, Garden City, and BSD), Hero, Hypermart and online at MAKUKU Official Store available on Shopee, Lazada, Tokopedia, and BliBli. To get information about MAKUKU products, about child health education and parenting and other interesting promos, don't forget to follow Instagram @MAKUKU.Indonesia.Official and visit the website. (Aq/MKK)











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