New Era of Baby Diapers, Makuku Air Diapers Pioneer of SAP

婴儿纸尿裤新纪元,MAKUKU 空气纸尿裤SAP纸尿裤先锋

written by : Makuku Family - 28 Jan 2022

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Diapers are a baby's needs from birth to around 2-3 years old. The need for diapers should not be underestimated, because finding the right diaper for your little one is not an easy matter. In addition to its function to accommodate your little one's fluids , the selection of diapers must consider several things related to their health and development.

Babies and children under the age of two are very susceptible to health problems due to diapers. Among them are skin irritations such as diaper rash, allergies, redness and urinary tract infections. Usually this skin health problem arises because the diaper clumps, the diaper is not able to absorb properly, causing the skin in the area around the diaper to become moist. 

Not only that, many parents do not realize that choosing the wrong diaper can also affect the development of their little one. For example, your little one uses a clump diaper made of a pulp structure core. Babies will feel uncomfortable in moving, because the fluid absorbed by the diaper is uneven and in one spot. The diaper becomes heavy, weighing on the little one and the diaper feels dropped. This discomfort can make your little one lazy to move to explore the surroundings. Even though at his golden age, your little one is actively moving and recognizing the surrounding environment. 

Likewise for the development or milestones child. Your little one will go through a phase of crawling, standing and walking, where these milestones must be age-appropriate. Don't let the use of clumping diapers hinder your little one's milestones. Because this can happen to your little one and the task as a parent is to choose the right diaper, with high-quality materials that can protect your little one's skin and prevent diaper rash. 

A good diaper for your little one is a diaper that is not easy to clump, super thin and extra dry. Such as MAKUKU Air Diapers which are made of the core structure of SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer). SAP is a hydrophilic polymer that has the ability to absorb liquids up to more than 100 times the weight of SAP itself. With this SAP structure core, MAKUKU diapers are able to absorb fluids evenly, not clumping, maximally locking your little one's urine and not leaking easily. MAKUKU Air Diapers have also been tested in the lab and proven to have high absorption capacity, which is 17 times the initial weight of the diaper. 

Another advantage of MAKUKU Air Diapers, SAP Diapers, Baby Skin Friends

3D structure Reduces direct contact with skin.         Air Cavity Surface Two-way circulation                        Elastis waist & slim fit

Amazingly, with all the advantages that have been mentioned, MAKUKU Air Diapers have a super thin thickness. MAKUKU Air Diapers are only 1.6mm thick and about 40% thinner than other diapers. The selected ingredients in MAKUKU Air Diapers also come from several countries including Germany, South Korea, China and the USA. MAKUKU Air Diapers are available in two types, namely adhesive type with sizes S, M, L and pants or pant type with sizes L and XL.

So, parents can breathe easy because everything their little one needs regarding diapers can be completed with innovations from MAKUKU Air Diapers. The first and only diaper in Indonesia to fully use the SAP core structure. No wonder, if MAKUKU Air Diapers are the pioneers of SAP diapers and create a new era for baby diapers in Indonesia. (Aq/Mkk)











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